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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

What's in the mail today?

The mail man continues to bring gifts every day. I think he deserves a little gift, or maybe I deserve that, because I continue to buy such great things on eBay!
I received the pattern book "The Second Afghan Hook Book: Classic Looks in Berella by Bernat". Originally published in 1967, the colors are so 60's, and some of the styles seem so "Jackie". There are a lot of the patterns that are definitely classics, including a v-neck sweater for boys and men, a sweater that looks like a school blazer (that looks good on the girl as well as the boy in the photos), and the cardigan. I've been looking for a good cardigan pattern in Tunisian! There is also a mock turtleneck sweater that could be a WIM.
I also received the pattern for an afghan with a victorian fan design - hmmm, new design in purple for the studio fund raiser? By the Way, the first "It's all About the Purple Afghan" that I made for the studio and donated for a fund raiser brought in more than $300! I'm already thinking about a design for a fund raiser for this year.
Yesterday's mail brought a pattern a "purse collection", a crocheted cover for checkbook, and credit card holder, and a glasses case. These would be great items to go in my honeycomb purse!
Next, there was the book for the CGOA National Conference in Oakland California in July. If it was being held while #1 daughter was still in San Diego, my husband might have considered a dual purpose trip. Well, this year a Regional right here in PA, maybe next year a Regional and a National!
Then the best mail! My Sonshapes hook arrived! (See post of Friday,March 25) This hook is absolutely gorgeous, and the finish is super smooth, even better than most aluminum hooks. And all this time I was worrying about wooden hooks snagging the yarn. And, the throat shape is the one I prefer, this hook was wonderful on the small swatch that I just had to try. I am "hooked" on wooden hooks now. I have bids on 2 more hooks, one is from vermont_woodwork. It is purple with a round bead with a rose on it, size H. The second is from Graydog, it is made of purpleheart with an amethyst flower and heart. Being a Graydog, the cost will probably rise out of my range. I can dream, can't I?

So much to write, so little time

There is so much to write about, but I don't have a lot of time today. Leaving for the CGOA Regional conference in King of Prussia this evening and need to finish packing.
I finished the honeycomb purse out of TLC Heathers light denim. Carried it on several errands on Thursday and didn't get any notice. But at a family dinner on Sunday it was noticed the minute I walked in the door!
WIM - I'd now like to use this pattern with black and silver glitterspun and a black satin ribbon, then add a crocheted flower out of black satin ribbon.
We spent the weekend at my in-laws. I had plenty of time to crochet while visiting. On Saturday evening I finished the shawl I was making in Tunisian double, out of the blue/brown Bernat Boucle. It is incredibly soft. I decided to add a small border, so I single crocheted down one long side, decreasing about 10 stitches in the center so that it added a slight shaping at the neck. I decided to add a shell style border around the other 3 sides, it took only a little playing around to get a great border. Got lots of compliments on the shawl Sunday also.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Sonshapes hook purchased on eBay Posted by Hello

More Partying!!

I just won another crochet hook on eBay. This is a Sonshapes hook. It is a reddish brown hook, with silver and a garnet stone. Garnet is my birthstone. Let's see if I can add a picture of the hook here.


I just posted the first picture to my blog!! I had to talk to myself and the computer for a long time to accomplish this. I'd rather have the yarn and hook, please. Maybe if I make Jen a shawl to go with her Ren Faire outfit, she'd add some pictures to my blog.
To check out a picture of my thread work, go to the first entry here entitled Welcome. It's under October.

Ultimate Book of Potholders

Today's mail brought another eBay purchase, the Ultimate Book of Potholders, so this evening I listened to a PBS special on music of the 60's and made a hot pad. The pattern is a rectangle with a heart, it was done in single crochet, made with a graph. So, of course, I did it in Tunisian crochet. I think this is my first project made with a graph. I feel a little more confident about tackling those picture afghans. The one I really want to do is bluebells and bluebirds.
I purchased this book mainly for some scalloped hotpads. My Mother-in-Law was recently showing me some that were made by her mother, or aunt; and she loves to use them. So I thought I might make her more in the same pattern. The pattern in the book uses worsted weight cotton, but MIL's were done in thread, possibly #3 or #5. Will look at colors available next time I'm at one of the yarn places I frequent.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Basketweave pattern in Tunisian

I love basketweave designs in knit, however, I have rarely seen a nice looking basketweave in crochet. Today I came across a website and a pattern called MaryM's Goofy Basket 'Ghan. I think this pattern is unique, it's definitely not the usual. It is worked in Tunisian knit and purl, but not like I've tried it, working the entire width of the project in basketweave one row at a time. In this pattern you create one square, turn the square and work another square. It was so much fun, and a very nice looking basketweave. I made a rectangle 5 squares x 6 squares, it's approximately 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Then edged it in two rows of single crochet. A very pretty finished piece, and it's only going in my swatch book. I do feel a baby afghan coming in this fun method.

"MaryM's Goofy Basket 'Ghan"
Adding to the fun today was the use of my new wooden afghan hook. It is a size I and about 9 inches long. Nice light weight and a nicely shaped throat, great to work with.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Talking Crochet Newsletter

I was cleaning old mail out of my inbox and came across an issue of Talking Crochet Newsletter. This newsletter is written by Carol Alexander the editor of Crochet! magazine and is sent by email, monthly. Sometimes the topic is a specific technique, or trend, sometimes history. If you enjoy crocheting you may want to subscribe to this newsletter.
"where to sign up for newsletter"


I stopped at AC Moore on the way home today and bought the skein of TLC Heathers that I needed to finish the purse. I also bought 2 different buttons that I thought I might use, wasn't totally sure that I wanted to put on the button and button loop in the pattern. I finished the purse this evening, added round, bamboo-look handles and decided not to use a button. The purse is fabulous! I'm going to love carrying this around at the conference. Just have to find a small wallet for cash, credit card, etc. The wallet I have now is bigger than many women's purses, then I carry way too much. Know what I should carry in this purse? A small ball of cotton, and a crochet hook to make a dishcloth for the exchange, not much else!

Nice Mailman

I think my mailman should get a special gift this week. Today he delivered my latest eBay purchase, a set of Easy Tunisian hooks, a Get Started Book and the book 101 Easy Tunisian Stitches. Now, I already have the set of Easy Tunisian hooks, but they seem to always have projects on them! I have more than one of my most used crochet hooks, so why not more than one of each size of Tunisian hook. I have been debating getting the 101 stitches book, did I really need it when I already spend about $25 for the Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet? But the hooks and book were listed at $16.99, the hooks alone usually sell for $20, and the book for $25. It was a good deal. Well, the book is great. There are a lot of stitches that aren't in the Encyclopedia. I've already selected a few that I want to practice, I can add them to the sample afghan that I'm working on, part of a group project with Tunisian Crochet Group. Then, I've selected a couple that I want to swatch, possibly to use in a shawl.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Weekend crocheting

Yesterday, I started on the purse from the Joann web site. Well, actually I did more than get started on it. I crocheted all day while hubby was at Scout meetings. I would have completely finished it, except ran out of yarn with 4 rows to go. I don't know why, but I always use just a small amount more than the pattern calls for. I think I leave really long tails to work in. The pattern called for 5 oz, I had a 5 oz skein. So tomorrow after teaching and tutoring I'll stop for another skein, then will have lots left over for swatching new stitches.
Today, I started on my shawl out of the blue and brown Boucle. It's working up very fast.

More goodies in the mail

Saturday's mail brought 2 new patterns. One is a pineapple shawl that I purchased from Art of Tangle, they have some really nice shawls and sweaters on the site. I've been thinking about the Double Yoke Sweater for a while. I'd have to make it a lot longer, those short tops don't look very good on me.
"Art of Tangle"
"Double Yoke Sweater"
I also received the latest pattern I won on eBay. It is a baby afghan done in Tunisian knit stitch for the body, and cluster stitch border. Very similar to what I was working on designing a while back. Need to finish up the current projects and actually get these designs to a publisher. Am I dragging my feet on that for some reason?
Today's mail brought the small items I ordered from Herrschner's, stitch markers and stitch holders that I wanted to have before the conference. Also the first magazine of my new subscription, Crochet Fantasy. I have not had time to really look at it, will have time tomorrow evening, as the dance studio is closed and I don't have to got to work in the evening. Just teaching from 9-3, then 2 tutoring sessions.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

More on Shawls

Last night I finished the shawl made of Boucle. It turned out beautiful and very soft. My husband delivered 3 shawls to the church this morning. Now I must finish this ripple afghan, and make several items to wear/take to the CGOA Conference. I think a purse will be the next project to tackle, then get back to the Must Have Blouse.

Frogging is happening!

I printed a pattern for a great looking purse, it's on the Joann.com website. I read over the pattern and gathered the materials. Tried to make a swatch, instructions for the number of stitches didn't match the actual number of stitches they said to chain. So I went to the pattern, figuring if I managed the first 3 or 4 rows, I could check my gauge at the point, it wouldn't be too much if I had to pull it out and start over with a different hook. BTW, it's usually 1 or 2 sizes smaller than the hook given for me. What's your usual, do you need to generally go up or down in hook size?
So it goes like this: read, stitch, stitch, read, stitch, stitch, working nicely.
Then I get to row 4: read, stitch, stitch, read, huh? frown, re-read, count stitches, frown, compare stitches made to reading, more frowning, pull out row 4. Read, stitch, stitch, read, stitch, stitch, read, count stitches, read, pull out row 4. I've got my own pattern going here. Read, re-read, think, re-read, get pencil with eraser, make notes, re-read, erase, make new note, re-read,...stitch, stitch, double check notes. Oh, I see what she's saying; the pattern designer (or writer, if they are different people)writes most of a complicated stitch combination, skips ahead to the next step and tells you what to do, then goes back to complete that complicated combination. She made if extremely more complicated that it already was! I have now penciled in re-wording on row 4, 5, and 6. But I am now understanding her language a little better. Back to stitch, stitch, hopefully with no more frogging.

Saturday, March 19, 2005


Need a good laugh about the crochet poncho craze? "Manolo's No Poncho Pledge"
The only problem is the people who comment on this all talk about Martha's fellow inmate "knitting" the poncho. We get no respect!

Great Mail day

Well. I would have been happy just with that big box of colorful yarn that came by way of the UPS man this morning, but the mailman brought more goodies. I got the new Annie's Attic catalog, I went through it briefly, will thinking about ordering all kinds of things. Then I got the May issue of Crochet! magazine, lots of patterns involving pineapples. I love pineapples, in crochet that is. There are several articles involving the history of pineapples in crochet, will need to find time for reading those tomorrow. Any crocheter would be happy with those 3 items, but there's more,...a box with the crochet hook that I won on eBay. It is a thin, but long wooden hook; I think it's an H, will do some intense swatching. It is light, smooth, very well turned, an attractive hook. It has the throat cut that I prefer, I did a little bit of swatching with fingering yarn and sportweight. I did some classic crochet and some Tunisian. It's going to nice working with it.
I should check eBay and see how things are coming on several other hooks on which I'm bidding. I bid on a beautiful blue Graydog hook, but you know that that's going to go way out of my price range. I also bid on a beautiful hook that is a medium wood tone with sapphire colored wood, then silver work and blue beads. No one else is bidding on that, hope it stays that way. Both of these hooks have 6 more days!

Friday, March 18, 2005

On-line Discount Yarn company

Wow! What fast service. I ordered yarn online from Smiley's Yarn "Smiley's Yarns"
I placed the order on Wednesday afternoon, and the yarn arrived on Friday morning!
Add that kind of fast service to the very low prices, ...I'll definitely order from this company again.
They have 3 oz skeins of Red Heart Worsted for 77 cents. Now, I don't usually bother with 3 oz skeins, buy those 8 oz Super Savers or the 1 pounders. You usually need more yarn than that for most projects, and you can always use the leftovers for swatching, working new stitches, squares for a sampler afghan, or blocks for Warm Up America. I bought some 3 oz skeins in a color called Parakeet, it's a turquoise. I wanted it for a beautiful afghan called Fresh Flowers in the 40 Favorite Ripple Afghans book.
Then they had Homespun for $2.99! The stores usually have it priced at $5.99, a great sale sometimes has it for about 4 or 4.50. So I bought some purple/white and some green, enough of each for a shawl.
Then I selected a sportweight yarn in a royal blue for another Must Have Blouse. It's called Cervinia Genova, imported from Italy. The 1 3/4 oz skeins were only $1.00 each. That's less than $12 for a handmade top. Great bargain!

Shawls & What's on the Hooks

Busy week!
Monday evening I went to my first meeting of the Shawl Ministry. There were about 20 women. One was crocheting a ripple, I was doing Tunisian and everyone else was knitting. But no one was sticking to the basic pattern that had been given to me. There were so many interesting patterns, yarns, and colors - from pastels to bright!I took in the white classic crochet shawl that I had finished, and while there finished the Tunisian one I did in claret (a red wine color). I started a new one, baby blue in a honeycomb pattern - not sure that I want to stick to that pattern.
Decided I needed to spend a little less time on shawls and work on things to wear at the CGOA conference (2 more weeks!!!) So I started on the Must Have Blouse in the new book 24-Hour Crochet Projects. It is so attractive. The stitch pattern involves alternating doubles and slip stitches, the slips pull the double down into a small bobble. It seems like you don't make any upward progress on that row. The book says it will take 14 hours. I can tell that it will take me longer than that, but I'm about 2/3 of the way up the back, so it will still be a fast project. I also want to make a small purse to take, mine fills up with so much stuff and becomes so heavy. If I have a small crocheted purse I will carry along only the stuff I need at the time, the rest can wait in my suitcase (or at home). I found a great pattern on line yesterday, thanks to my friends at cplist.
"Honeycomb Crochet Purse"
So on the way to the library for a tutoring session I stopped at Michaels for the yarn listed in the pattern TLC Essentials. It was on clearance, so I picked up 2 colors, then got distracted by what else was on clearance - Boucle! Bernat Soft Boucle. "Bernat Soft Boucle"
I finally put back the TLC and picked 2 skeins of a denim and brown Boucle (Westport Shades) for my purse, and a pretty blue/green/purple Boucle (Carnival Shades)for a shawl in the future. No purse handles, so on the way home from the library swung around to AC Moore and bought two different sets of purse handles. That means that a second purse in is the future, doesn't it?
Thought about the purse pattern on the way home and realized it's really too detailed for the Boucle, so will make it in one of the blues that I have in my stash - navy, royal, country, denim heather... That means I have Boucle in stash for another shawl!
When I got home and checked my e-mail we had a special request for shawls for every member of a family. So I replied that I had the wine colored on ready to go, and could possibly have a second ready by Saturday. Then started in on the Boucle. I was going to make it simple and fast, Tunisian Simple stitch, but it was curling. So I am alternating one row of Simple and one row of purl (what almost everyone else calls purl, I call it a "front purl"). It is tremendously soft, and very pretty.
In classic crochet, I'm about 3/4 finished with the ripple afghan. Great urge to start on one of the round baby afghans. I keep telling myself to finish up some of these other projects first. The patterns and yarn are nicely in the stash!
On to crocheting.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Book Reviews

The first book I selected yesterday was Crochet Basics: All you need to Know to get Hooked on Crochet by Jan Eaton, here's the information at Amazon "Crochet Basics"
I've been crocheting for 40 years, I know the basics, and I'm definitely already hooked. So why buy this book? This is a great reference, it has charts of yarn types & weights; equipment used; parts of the hook; American/European stitch names; and a chart of hooks with American letters, UK numbers and metric #s; international symbols; finishing techniques such as edgings, joining, and blocking. All the stitch directions are well written, and have plenty of large photos that shows the stitches very clearly. This is a book that I can refer students too for all types of basic information. For my personal, more advanced needs, the motif section has some very nice motifs including a "cathedral triange", a "Spanish Lace" square, and "picot octagon". Great motifs that you can use to create your own design in place mat, shawl, scarf, aghan, etc. There are lots of edges, borders, and lace stitches. Then each section has a complete project, these include towel edgings, pillow, purse, scarf, sweater, afghan. A great bargain at less than $20.

The second book I purchased is a different type - projects. It's called 24-Hour Crochet Projects by Rita Weiss. "24-Hour Crochet Projects"
The book is set up with 2 pages of beautiful, color pictures of each project at the beginning, the designer's name is prominently displayed with each project, and a note on what page to find the pattern. Following the 45 pages of projects, comes a section with the patterns. More photos, a list of sizes, materials needed, and the approximate time to complete the project, along with the instructions to make the item. I forsee making the Little Doilies, time: about an hour; and the baby sweater and bonnet, time: about 8 hours; and definitely the Must Have Blouse, time: about 14 hours. This simple top looks like I could convert it to Tunisian with no problem. Oh, the hats, purses, scarf, hipscarf in tape yarn, a shawl in Glitterspun; I've got gift ideas, too.

Another Trip Across the State

Yesterday, I took another trip across the state and back, returning my daughter to college. It wasn't a total no-crochet day. We arranged to meet her boyfriend in a Barnes and Noble about an hour from campus, spent about an hour enjoying books, them went to dinner. He took her to campus, and I headed home, this arrangement cut 2 hours of my trip. With slight car problems, I finished the trip in about 12 hours.
I went into the bookstore with the intention of spending money, I wanted to get a book called Crocheting School by Fabbri Editori. You can view it at Amazon "Crocheting School"
After looking at all the crocheting books on the shelf, and several knitting books, I decided to buy 2 different books instead of this one. But, I'm thinking that one day I will buy this one, also.
Today is for relaxing, I'm working a little on a prayer shawl, with plans to work more on the ripple afghan while watching some tv later.

Friday, March 11, 2005

New & Interesting Yarns

Berroco has someinteresting new items on their website "Berroco"
Here is a description of their TuTu, boy it sounds just like the Breeze I bought at Jo-Ann. "description of TuTu"
When I use the zoom and look at the details, it is very similar, but not identical. I like the Breeze a lot better. My husband and daughter did not like any of the swatches I worked in Breeze - Tunisian simple, Tunisian knit, edging on Tunisian knit in a sportweight, ... Now I'm thinking of a small purse/bag...
I also like the GeM, the description is so 60's! "GeM description"
Love the Suede. "Suede" I saw this at Ben Franklin's recently, and was very tempted. It would make a great poncho, or maybe this is what I should use for a small purse...
So many yarns, so many ideas, so little time!

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Crochet in the News

Crochet is hot! Since 2002, crocheting and knitting has increased 100-150%(depending on the age group). It's cool, hip, funky, see I knew it all the time. Here is a newspaper article from Illinois about crochet "News Article"

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Stitch markers

Since March is National Crochet Month I have been trying to post at least a short notice every day. Yesterday I drove to Slippery Rock University to pick up my daughter and bring her home for spring break. 11 hours of driving! I didn't get to do any crocheting, or even get a chance to look at patterns, yarns, etc. So this short note is for Friday.
I was planning on buying some stitch markers before going to the Regional Conference. "stitch markers" Then I found the nicest stitch markers while drooling over the Graydog hooks! The stitch markers are curved wires with beads.
"beaded stitch markers" Since my oldest daughter makes bead jewelry, I emailed some links to her. She was excited and asked if I wanted her to make some. Wow, You bet!

Friday, March 04, 2005

Okay, It wasn't a totally crochet day, because I had to do some tutoring. But I managed to squeeze in little yarn and crochet "treats". At the library, I looked at the crocheting books. It was interesting to note that there were a lot of new knitting books, while all the crochet books seemed very old and out of date. The sweaters and afghans all had those 60's and 70's colors! I did select 2 to bring home for further study "Weekend Crochet Projects" by Margaret Hubert. I know hold old this is, I made a sweater from this book for my oldest when she was about one and a half and she just turned 22! The second book is "Family Circle Easy Sweaters: 50 Knit and Crochet Projects". This is a new book. I'm thinking of purchasing this one, will decide after I have more time to explore it.
After the library, I stopped at Ben Franklin to see how the store closing sale was going. The yarn is still only 10% off, but they seem to be getting more in! Tempting items...Berrocco Suede, and FX.
Then, I stopped at Jo-ann Fabric. People on the Crochet Partners list have been talking about them expanding the yarn department and having their own brand of yarn. That's true in my store. I found some Rainbow Boucle, in Jo-ann's own brand name, Sensations. Seemed thinner than a lot of boucle, and a much subtler variegated than many. It comes in a hefty 11 ounce skein. I am tempted to get some of that. It wasn't priced yet, and interesting,...it's not on the website yet.
They had a lot of fun fur types, some made of bamboo. "Bamboo yarn" I did select a skein of Breeze to take home and play with, make swatches, think and dream. It's a light blue with streamers in aqua, purple and yellow. "Breeze" Be sure to use the zoom and look at the deteails of this yarn. Short - sleeved summer top?
When I got home I got dinner, then watched tv and crocheted on the afghan. Then had to spend time sorting the stash. It has been expanding and taking over a bedroom, and my 19 year old daughter gets home for Spring Break on Saturday. While sorting, organizing, and moving things I made a few note about sport weight and fingering weight yarns that I have. I recently purchased two patterns on eBay for baby afghans. Those projects do have to wait, till I catch up on some of the designing that's occupying the brain these days.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Variegated Yarn Arrives!!!

The purple variegated Finally arrived yesterday. Because of snow, I had the day off my day job - teaching math, and my evening job - working in the office of a dance studio. So I put on the tea kettle, and settled down to crochet. My private crochet lesson I did over the phone. I suggested she use the magazine I lent her and see if she could follow the instructions for the half double stitch. The afghan with the purple variegated is taking shape, and moving along at a pretty snappy pace. Though, I am amazed at how slow the classic crochet seems to be compared to the Tunisian crochet. I'll probably be doing a little of both every day for a while.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Learning to Crochet

Here's a great story about school kids learning to crochet. They make a small heart, add a pin back and sell them for a small amount. The proceeds are going to Tsunami relief and a local animal shelter.

Way to go kids! And the teacher who had the great idea and is helping the kids!

March - National Crochet Month

Balloons! Confetti! Yarn! Lots of Partying!
I'm celebrating National Crochet Month. I started the month by finishing a Tunisian Shawl in TLC Heathers Faded Denim. This item is just for me. I wanted to have some of my creations to wear at the CGOA Regional Conference in King of Prussia, PA at the end of the month.
That Tunisian hook didn't have any time to cool off! I immediately started the next prayer shawl. Between the snow and a bad cold/sinus problem, I got a narrow window and went to several stores for yarn on Sunday. I talked my husband into going along. I was going to pick up 4 skeins of a white or off-white for the next shawl, he talked me into getting enough yarn to make 3 more shawls, insisting that I take all the skeins in the store of this beautiful Claret. Now, Michaels did have this Red Heart Super Saver on sale for $1.47. I probably should have taken some of that Frosty Green, too!
Yesterday, while reading the Crochet Partners List digest, I explored a lot of new web sites. I found a pattern for a bookmark crocheted and beads added. I thought this would be a great gift for my oldest daughter, she turned 22 yesterday! I have some black crochet thread with silver strands, and she has oodles of beads! So I spent time sorting out beads I liked, only to find they had to be large enough to slip over the crocheted thread, not just the crochet thread. Chain 150 with a steel #7 hook, oh the fun is beginning. Then slip stitch into each chain. Well, my fingers and eyes aren't what they used to be, and a metallic strand! The thread and metallic have a tendency to separate, and the metallic makes the thread kink. Even with a high powered craft light I was unable to make this work. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know. In the meantime, I've found a pattern for a miniature broomstick lace bookmark. How cute is that! "Broomstick lace bookmark"
And on, if that variegated purple yarn ever arrives! I need to get back to the afghan that I'm making for a customer/friend. I'm also working hard on making scarves and writing patterns in Tunisian crochet, hope to get some of these patterns published.
I'm still thinking about taking the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA) Master class on basic stitches, and the Craft Yarn Council of America's (CYCA) class to become a Certified Instructor. Michaels website has a notice that every store is adding a teacher for crocheting and for knitting. I've been thinking of going in and offering to teach a class on Tunisian. It's frustrating that A.C. Moore and Ben Franklin display so many knitted projects in the yarn section, and sometimes 1 crocheted item. I've been itching to show them what can be done with the new novelty yarns, crocheting and Tunisian crochet.
Who knows what else will come in the middle of this month of celebrating, but I'm going out of March like a Lion! I'm attending the CGOA Regional Conference, I've registered for 4 whole days of crocheting and Tunisian classes! I splurged and registered for a breakfast fashion show and a banquet fashion show, then there's the yarn market! Free! I hope to get some yummy new yarns, especially some ribbon yarns; and I want to get at least one wooden Tunisian hook.
How are you celebrating? Taking a class? Teaching a class? Trying a new yarn? Exploring a new type or technique of crochet - thread work, or yarn if you're a thready; Tunisian, filet, broomstick,...?
Whatever you choose,...Enjoy!

"Crochet Partners"
"Crochet Guild of America (CGOA)"
"CGOA Regional Conference"
"Starting a CGOA Chapter"
"Craft Yarn Council of America (CYCA) "
"CYCA Certified Instructors Program (CIP) "

FIRE HAZARD - Yarn Recalled

Sirdar yarn has issued a recall on their Fizz yarn.
"Sirdar yarn recall"
Another yarn recalled because of fire hazard. Bernat Fur Out
"Bernat yarn recall"

This is a good time to remember to be careful with all fabrics and flames. In this cold weather I frequently have an afghan or shawl wrapped around me. When that tea kettle whistles I have to remember to keep my wraps pulled tight and away from the hot burner, it's electric, no open flame, but you never know what might flare up. Did you know that uncooked spaghetti is highly flammable? It surprised me when I dropped one on the burner!