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Friday, March 04, 2005

Okay, It wasn't a totally crochet day, because I had to do some tutoring. But I managed to squeeze in little yarn and crochet "treats". At the library, I looked at the crocheting books. It was interesting to note that there were a lot of new knitting books, while all the crochet books seemed very old and out of date. The sweaters and afghans all had those 60's and 70's colors! I did select 2 to bring home for further study "Weekend Crochet Projects" by Margaret Hubert. I know hold old this is, I made a sweater from this book for my oldest when she was about one and a half and she just turned 22! The second book is "Family Circle Easy Sweaters: 50 Knit and Crochet Projects". This is a new book. I'm thinking of purchasing this one, will decide after I have more time to explore it.
After the library, I stopped at Ben Franklin to see how the store closing sale was going. The yarn is still only 10% off, but they seem to be getting more in! Tempting items...Berrocco Suede, and FX.
Then, I stopped at Jo-ann Fabric. People on the Crochet Partners list have been talking about them expanding the yarn department and having their own brand of yarn. That's true in my store. I found some Rainbow Boucle, in Jo-ann's own brand name, Sensations. Seemed thinner than a lot of boucle, and a much subtler variegated than many. It comes in a hefty 11 ounce skein. I am tempted to get some of that. It wasn't priced yet, and interesting,...it's not on the website yet.
They had a lot of fun fur types, some made of bamboo. "Bamboo yarn" I did select a skein of Breeze to take home and play with, make swatches, think and dream. It's a light blue with streamers in aqua, purple and yellow. "Breeze" Be sure to use the zoom and look at the deteails of this yarn. Short - sleeved summer top?
When I got home I got dinner, then watched tv and crocheted on the afghan. Then had to spend time sorting the stash. It has been expanding and taking over a bedroom, and my 19 year old daughter gets home for Spring Break on Saturday. While sorting, organizing, and moving things I made a few note about sport weight and fingering weight yarns that I have. I recently purchased two patterns on eBay for baby afghans. Those projects do have to wait, till I catch up on some of the designing that's occupying the brain these days.


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