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Friday, July 23, 2010

"A Day at the Office" with Drew Emborsky

I was following links of interest today and came across this video from Drew.

My first thought was "look at how lightly he holds his hook and yarn". This is something that I try to get across to new crocheters. We don't need a death grip on the hook, it's not going to jump out of our hands. It's not easier to control with a tighter grip. And with the relaxed grip you have less stress on your hands and wrists, and a softer, better draping fabric.

I know that this is not what Drew was trying to say with his podcast, but we can learn from many different sources. Now what was that thread in the Ravelry Learn Crochet group where I was commenting on relaxing and letting the yarn flow? I could add this link for inspiration.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"All the extra stuff"

Just a quick, short post. I was reading Vashti's blog about her Tunisian stole, (the pattern's coming soon!). This lovely stole was in the Chain Link Design Competition, and won a third place ribbon. Congratulations, Vashti! From there, I decided to check out some of her other links. Vashti's Crochet Pattern Companion has a lot of great information about the designing and blocking process. "All the extra stuff" indeed. Even an experienced crocheter can learn more from the professionals.
Thank you Vashti for sharing those extra tips, tricks, and finishing notes.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Unveiling

I can now tell you about another project that I've been working on...I made a scarf in Tunisian Knit Stitch using Red Heart Stripes yarn. This project is for a raffle in the "RA_Yarnsandmore group"

The design was first worked in Red Heart Stripes in Breezy, a nice self-striping in white, blue & lime green; very summery. This scarf was given at the gift exchange at the Chain Link Conference.

Then I worked up the design in RH Sonoma Stripes - tan, brown, gold and orange. Definitely autumn colors. I worked a round of single crochet in tan, and then a round of reverse slip stitch in the Sonoma Stripes.

This scarf was raffled in the RA_Yarnsandmore group, as a way to generate interest in new yarns. It's on it's way to the winner in the morning.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thursday at Chain Link

My fellow chapter member & I went out to breakfast before class, before 8 am and it's already sweltering. I opted for iced tea, instead of the planned coffee. It was in the upper 90's for most of the week, not what I expected when I headed to the North East. But back home it was in the triple digits - 105 in Hershey!

Thursday morning we both took a class with Joan Davis, Crochet Camisoles that Fit. Unfortunately, there were a lot of people of people in a small room and someone had some strong perfume that set off my allergies. Even with an anti-histamine and inhaler, the wheezing & coughing were bad. I tried hard candy, which usually works, and a walk in the hallway, but eventually had to pack up and head to my room.

Lunch at a restaurant on Elm Street included a committee meeting. Great food.

My afternoon class was on designing Tunisian projects with Darla Fanton. This was a great class. I have a lovely swatch of different stitches. I'll try to get some pictures, throwing it on the scanner didn't work with this swatch.

The evening involved the announcement of the "CGOA Design Competition winners", slide show and small fashion show. Wow! Some spectacular designs. Then the gift exchange, I gifted a Tunisian scarf, one of my own designs. I received a chatelaine with scissors, needles and hooks. Thanks, WK I love it. Then on to the Market Preview, shopping and a quick get together with some of the Buddy group from the Ravelry Cyber Chapter of the CGOA. This group met up in the lounge Tuesday evening, and went out to dinner on Wednesday (I had a class), then they went to lunch on Thursday (I had a committee meeting). While I missed most of the meet-ups, I've heard that the group had lots of fun, and was a big success.

My friend & I had dinner at the hotel about 9 pm, and headed to bed early, another long and busy day.

Here's a link to the Design Competition winners, with descriptions and photos:
"2010 Design Competition Winners"

Congratulations to all the designers who entered the competition, and to the winners.

Live from Chain Link! sorry that didn't work

I had great plans to blog from the Conference, similar to a "Wish you were here" vacation postcard. Unfortunately, all my technology decided to play little games. I was 3 hours from home when I realized that I hadn't charged my cell phone overnight, and then had forgotten to bring the charger. So I planned to set up my laptop on arrival and send daughter #2 an email that I had arrived safely. The hotel had free wireless, and said daughter had downloaded 4 different wireless drivers, so we thought the laptop was good to go. Well, none of the those drivers happened to be the one that was needed for the Radisson free wireless, so I was without that technology. Luckily another attendee had a charging cord that worked, and I got my phone charged and was able to use it.

Since those fabulous, live from Chain Link posts didn't happen, I'd like to give you a few links with photos and give you a taste of the Conference. Wednesday, July 7th was the CGOA Professional Development Day (PDD). PDD started with talks by "Kristin Omdahl" about her life as a crochet designer (among other crochet hats that she wears), and "Lily Chin" discussing her life as a crochet teacher (again, she wears many other hats, also). The afternoon featured break-out sessions by well-known names in many fields of crochet. There was time for everyone to attend 3 sessions. The sessions included designing, contract crocheting, teaching, book publication, and other crochet business ideas. There were door prize drawings throughout the day, and some wonderful prizes were distributed. A Silent Auction to benefit the "Lyme Disease Association" raised almost $1000.

"CGOA Now! photos of Professional Development Day"

After PDD from 8-5, I took an evening class (6-9) on photographing needlework. This class was with "Susan Huxley", and I now have some tips to help with lighting to make those lovely textures show up better in photos.

"CGOA" again packed a huge amount of information into one day! A great start to the 2010 Chain Link Conference.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Organizing & packing

The organizing is finished. The binder has maps from home to Manchester, downtown Manchester, a list of restaurants downtown, a map from Manchester to the shore, and another from the beach to home. Then dividers for each day at the conference, print out of class description and homework, all homework is in ziplocks in the binder. I have a snack size zippie with the amount of the materials fee (still need to get cash and get it into bags). The suitcase is packed, dress clothes in a garment bag and shoes in a tote, the crochet bag is organized, I have a book bag full of binders and folders for classes and meetings, and I have a bag of yarn for classes.

In the morning I have a few things to add to "cosmetics bag", and some cold things to put into a small cooler, and then I'm ready to hit the road. I'm so excited to be heading off to Chain Link! But, also I'm so tired right now that I feel like it's the first day back home. I better not socialize too late tomorrow night, we have to be up early on Wednesday for Professional Development Day.

See you in Manchester! If you're not going to be there, maybe I'll make a post that's like a vacation postcard. Having a great time, wish you were here!

Crochet So Fine

Just received an email from Crochet Me, it's advertising Kristin Ohmdahl's book Crochet so Fine. There's a great article with photos, explaining the inspiration for her Orchid Circular Shawl. There is a list of many of the projects in the book, and several photos of other projects. Along with the Orchid Shawl, I love the Dragonfly Shawl. I have to find time to peruse this book...maybe a vendor at the Conference will be carrying it.

Back to packing.

Wood and Wool

I'm finalizing a stack of paperwork, packing my suitcase, making a grocery store list, and other things before leaving for Manchester, NH tomorrow morning. I've started several posts about the organizing, but found that was taking away time that I could be getting something accomplished. So, here's some photos of crochet to keep you entertained while I'm packing.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

More Organizing

I'm getting to be a wiz on Excel Spreadsheets. I've created a new one for the Chain Link Conference. It has titled pages - page 1 is all the stuff I need to concentrate on before the conference, like homework for classes, and lesson plans for the pattern reading class. Page 2 is a list of things to pack; things for driving such as maps, drinks, money for meals; and then things for crochet & classes; and clothes, and personal stuff - like prescriptions, allergy medicine, etc. Page 3 is actually at Chain Link; classes, meals, events, meetings. And finally Page 4 is for things that I need to focus on as soon as I get back from the conference.