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Friday, September 24, 2010

Crocheted Peace Sign

I found this tutorial while I was searching for patterns for Christmas ornaments. We're crocheting ornaments at our August CGOA Chapter meeting. We normally do ornaments or snowflakes in July, Christmas is July! But this year Margie and I talked about the Chain Link Conference in Manchester.

This tutorial has a special feature that I don't think that I've seen anywhere else. When you roll your mouse across a picture, it flips to the left-hand version. Pretty cool way to have a tutorial for left- and right-handers without doing the entire tutorial twice.

I think that I'll use some of my glow-in-the dark yarn to make a few peace signs for the tree. That's if I get any input on decorating this year. When Hubby & I got married we started a tradition of hand crafted ornaments for our tree. I was always sewing, crocheting, doing beadwork and experimenting with all types of crafts for small tree ornaments. When the children came along, I started making a different ornament each year, one for our tree, and one for each of the girls. When they were ready to go out on their own, they had a large box of ornaments. Family supplemented what I made, like a cousin who did a cross-stitch of baby's first Christmas, and a sister-in-law who made a wooden cradle for the first Christmas, and Grandma & Grandaddy who purchased ornaments at craft shows across the country while traveling in their motor-home. But our tree was all handmade ornaments for many years. As the girls got older, they started buying ornaments and receiving some from friends as gifts. For the last 3 years or more, they have enjoyed selecting a theme and decorating the tree with their ornaments.

Peace to all, even if I don't get my peace sign ornaments on the tree this year.


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