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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chain Link Buddy Program

The CGOA is offering a new program for all who are attending their first Chain Link conference. The program is called the Buddy Program, and all "newbies" can sign up to have an experienced conference-goer be their Buddy. The Buddies can get together upon arrival for a friendly welcome, they can arrange to have coffee or lunches together, or get together to crochet and chat in the lounge. No longer do the first-timers have to have the "Deer in the Headlights" look. There really is a lot going on, lots to do, sometimes you have free time but don't know the choices for things to do in your spare time; it's good to have a friendly face so you don't feel completely lost.
If you're interested in being a Buddy, or if it's your first Chain Link Conference and you'd like a Buddy, check out the "CGOA Blog Now".

Sunday, April 25, 2010

What I'm up to this week

Well, last Monday may have looked like an ordinary day to most viewers, but I think it was a little special. My daughter and I started with going to the grocery store and running other errands. Then made dinner & watched a video together. But in-between those things I got a project out in the mail, it's on it's way to a professional photo shoot. And in the evening I signed a contract to teach a class this fall. It's not at the local Michaels, but will have to save details for a little while.

Since then I've been swatching and designing a project for a raffle at the RAYarnsandmore group.

What else is one the hooks? A striped shawl in Tunisian doubles, with Homespun - white, lilac and light green. It looks like Easter grass! And a basket weave afghan in green and white.

Both items are for the Shawl Ministry, the basket weave is for a graduating senior and is his school colors.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Knitting your Filet Crochet?

I've mentioned Knitting Daily before. I love receiving this newsletter in my daily emails. "It's Not just for Knitters Anymore". Sure, there are photos of great knitted sweaters, scarves, socks; and knitting patterns for sale. That's just inspiration, "I love those sleeves, I could do that in crochet by..." "I love the fit of that sweater, I need to adapt a crochet pattern to that shape". The newsletter is packed with information gauge, drape, fitting, blocking,...all things that we need to think about in our crocheted garments.
In today's issue there's a pattern for a blouse inspired by fashions of the 1940's, and the yoke of the piece is knitted to look like filet crochet!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More on the gauge swatch

Well, it seems that the importance of the gauge swatch is the topic of the day. Check out the article in Talking Crochet. It focuses strictly on the mathematics of the gauge: number of stitches per inch, size, etc. It doesn't mention all the other issues of the gauge swatch, such as stitch definition and drape.

A fellow blogger writes about the gauge swatch

You know that I'm always fussing about the gauge swatch. A swatching session is imperative if you want the finished garment to fit, essential if you've substituted yarns, and informative about the stitch definition, drape and look of the final project.
Here's a great blog about swatching.

Basic Class - Reading & Understanding Crochet Patterns

At the Chain Link Conference in Manchester, NH in July, my friend and Chapter co-founder, and I are representing the Harrisburg CGOA Chapter in teaching a basic class in reading and understanding crochet patterns. Here are the basics as posted to the "CGOA Conference information site". The class is Friday, during the lunch break between morning and afternoon classes.

"CGOA Reading & Understanding Crochet Patterns
From 12 pm - 1 pm, come to the lounge for this basic class on understanding a crochet pattern — abbreviations, symbols, sentence structure and more. If you have a pattern that's confusing you, feel free to bring it along and ask us about it. Brought to you by Those Yarn Crocheters, the Harrisburg Chapter of CGOA."

We will also be representing Those Yarn Crocheters at the Chapter Coffee on Friday evening. I hope to see some readers of my blog at one of these two events, please say hi to us if you attend!

Pretty Patterns for Little Girls

Look at this lovely top for a little girl, it's made with motifs joined in a diagonal and a yoke added. Be sure to skip over to this designer's Etsy shop. She has a lot of sweet little designs. Those cute halter tops and cardigans make me wish for a little one to crochet for.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Chain Link registration

I started a post on Wednesday about Chain Link prep time, then jumped onto the CGOA site and registered for classes and events. I was amazed that I went on about noon-time and there were already several classes sold out! I registered for all the classes that I wanted, but I'm encouraging everyone to register as soon as they can in order to get exactly what you want to take.
I'm looking forward to the Conference, taking classes, attending events, meeting up with friends I've made at other conferences, and meeting other crocheters.

Historical Society offers class on Tunisian

The Giles County Historical Society is offering a class on making a potholder in Tunisian crochet. The class is 2 hours each on 2 days, for only $10. That's a great bargain for a class.

Slightly off topic - I was a little frustrated that it took so long to search the site to find out exactly where Giles County is. Why didn't they include the state in the blog header? It's in the Profile.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Doily sun catchers

This is a fabulous idea! Sun catchers made with doilies, but a unique feature - they are covered in a cake of ice. Easy to make, lovely to look at on a cold day, and you can retrieve the doilies and do it again.

It's Chain Link preparation time!

This week is more preparation for the annual Chain Link Conference. This year it will be the first week of July in Manchester, NH. The conference was in Manchester two years ago, I attended, but didn't stay in the hotel. Hubby & I took our camper and had a conference/vacation/anniversary trip. We stayed at a lovely campground on the edge of a small river with a sand camping spot. That was my first time camping on sand, and it was a lovely area. Our second camping in sand was last year in Presque Isle, that's another tale.

The class preview was posted to the CGOA, and the Knit & Crochet Show websites in late March. I made a list of classes that I'd like to take, and events that I wanted to attend, and then set the paper aside to let ideas flow.

Last week I reviewed my class list and finalized (I think!) what classes I wanted to take. I emailed this to my CGOA Chapter buddy so we could see if we were taking some of the same classes.
Early this week I started the famous spreadsheet. I put in days and times, then started adding classes, other "paid" events like the banquet and Professional Development Day (PDD) and PDD lunch, then I started adding free events that I didn't want to miss like the Fashion show preview and the various Meet & Greets. Then I tried to add in Market Time, and breaks for lunch and dinner. Looks like I might not get many of those! Then add the colors. I try to color everything paid with one color, free want to attend in another color, paid meals in another, and free time in yet another, this year I also have to add a color for required meetings.
This way, when I'm packing my brain with loads of crochet techniques, patterning, and other fabulous stuff, I don't have to use a lot of brain space to remember when I've got a meeting, an event or meal that I've paid for and should go to, and when I have a little free time to get together for coffee or lunch with a friend. Just a quick glance at the spreadsheet to see if that's a "free time color".

Later on I'll start assembling my Conference binder, and I'll put "my daily schedule" spreadsheet inside the front clear plastic cover. The back cover will hold a map of the event venue which we'll get at registration. At a later date I'll write more about what's inside the binder, and what will be added to it.

Today, I'm doing my online registration! Under special events, the first item is:
1st Timer and would like to have a CGOA Buddy
How cool is that! I barely remember my first time at a Conference, but I remember not having someone to hang around with, someone who knew about where to register, where to relax and stitch, and introduce me to other crocheters. A buddy to help newbies feel at home is a great idea.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Vickie Howell's Movie Monday blog

I know that in some of the groups that I belong to, there's always talk when a new movie comes out in the theaters and a viewer sees a crocheted or knitted item, like the light blue sweater worn by Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movie, or the grandmothers knitting in bed in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Well, I've just discovered a blog where Vickie Howell has photos of knit and crochet items from a specific movie - this week's movie is Fantastic Mr. Fox.