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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tip - Border for granny square afghans

I'm very busy "behind the scenes" right now. I have a lot of reading, writing, editing, etc while trying to get our spring weekend crochet event up and running. I can't write very much here about that, and it would be rather boring to the average reader, so I'm looking for fun things to share.

"Here" is a great blog entry about adding borders to granny square afghans and a tip to make the border smooth. I think that it's a great tip.
While there, look closely at the lovely yarn she's using in this afghan. The colors are lovely, the yarn is smooth and has a little sheen. In the close up photo, you can see each strand in the plied yarn, which makes me think that it might be Microspun.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Learn to Crochet

Today our church's shawl ministry held a "Learn to Crochet and Learn to Knit" workshop. We had a great turnout, and great "teacher" to student ratio. Some people worked one-on-one, but I had a group of 5 - some totally new to crochet and some just needing a refresher. I had prepared a 10 page handout of simple instructions, and had plenty of hooks and worsted weight yarn to demonstrate. I also got the chance to show some basic Tunisian stitches.
I had the chance to talk about the up-coming Gathering of the Guilds, and our Chapter's Crocheters' Weekend in April.
The workshop was such a success that afterwards we talked about holding another one.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

invisible sc decrease

Here's the best tip that I've come across in a long time. This blogger has a short tutorial on how to make an invisible sc decrease in an amigurumi. But, it's such a fabulous, invisible decrease, we should be using it in all kinds of projects, especially garments.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Knit to Crochet, it's not simple

Have you ever seen a lovely garment that you wanted to crochet, and then found out that the pattern is for knitting? I know that I have. The next step might be an attempt to recreate the garment in crochet. How does that work out? "Here's" a blog entry about a crocheter with this situation, and how she did crochet that garment.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

"You say it's your birthday
It's my birthday too--yeah"

For at least part of the day, that Beatles' song has been floating through my head. But I also thought about different people singing different songs for birthdays. My oldest brother's family sings The Eagles' Seven Bridges Road
"There are stars
In the Southern sky
Southward as you go
There is moonlight
And moss in the trees
Down the Seven Bridges Road"

And our two daughters have chosen Blessid Union of Souls' It's Your Day (Bronson's Song).
"It's your day
Colored pictures from the kid's
Across the way
And the animals are curious today
As if life is just a candle wish away
Wish away
It's your day
Candles burning more than you would like to say
Send the conversation way the other way
Did you find another silver line today
Or is it gray"

Is everyone one singing a birthday song now? We're singing because today was my birthday. I had a day filled with fun, family, friends, food, f f...no yarn, hooks, and beads. (All the fun things don't start with the letter f!) At Friday's event planning meeting, someone mentioned that there was a Hobby Lobby in Chambersburg. After much disbelief, discussing, and online searching, we found out that's true; and someone mentioned a trip for today. Then it was suggested that we go to the Yarn Basket, also. So 3 of us planned to meet at noon. Just before leaving the house, I got a call and the suggestion that we hadn't discussed whether we'd have lunch before meeting or while together, did I want to go to Panera Bread. So we met at Panera Bread for lunch, then to Yarn Basket. Fabulous store, we had a great time shopping and selecting yarns, booklets and buttons. The owner had recently pulled a lot of old patterns from the store selection and gave each customer a few in her bag. Then on to the Hobby Lobby, which was only 3 minutes down the road. They had a great collection of soft yarn. I think that we all agreed that "I Love This Yarn", my favorite might be "I Love This Cotton". We filled the cart with yarn and hooks, before venturing over to check out the beads and jewelry fixings. We each added beads to the cart, and a good selection of items needed for the Make It-Take It Project of the Gathering of the Guilds. We had talked about good ice cream shops while eating lunch, and found out in Hobby Lobby that there was an ice cream shop locally. We decided that would be the perfect ending to our birthday celebrating. And the custard we all selected in cones was delicious!

I arrived home to find that hubby had a cheesecake in the oven - birthday tradition. And a necklace from daughter #1. Then hubby offered to take me out to dinner, on the way we stopped at the mall, and he bought a necklace for me with a diamond pendant!

That's not enough birthday fun? At the restaurant, the server complimented me on the crocheted sweater I was wearing and said that she knew a few stitches, but wanted to learn more. I told her that I knew where she could do that, and gave her information about the Guild.

I hope that your birthday is as great as mine was!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chapter Happenings

Here's a post that I started in mid-December:
"Friday night our event planning committee meet again, we're trying to meet weekly from now until the big weekend."

Yep, that's all that I managed to write. But I guess that's okay, because that's exactly what I was thinking about writing this time, too.

Our CGOA Chapter is going to be very busy for the beginning of the year. Last year we participated in the local Gathering of the Guilds. (see post of March 3, 2009). To promote the Gathering, the sponsoring Guild - The Keystone Lace Guild - has a booth at the PA Farm Show. This week is Farm Show Week - and surprise, we have Farm Show Weather! So, we've been busy filling out the paper work for the Gathering, and planning a Make It and Take It Project. Yesterday morning, two members did a crochet demonstration at the Farm Show and spent the afternoon manning the booth, and crocheting preemie hats to donate to Hershey Medical Center. I arrived late in the afternoon to help man the booth, and started some thread work. I made a pineapple motif, after it's blocked I'll add a long tail to create a bookmark. I hope to make a stack of these for door prizes at the Gathering.
I had an interesting crochet experience with a very young boy who came, alone, to look at what I was doing. I showed him the pineapple and how I did a few stitches, and he seemed interested, so I tried to find a hook and yarn for him to try some crochet. Unfortunately, I didn't have any worsted weight yarn in my bag, because I wasn't doing any demos, all I had was #10 thread. But I got out a ball of thread, and a large hook and showed him how to do some chains. Then let him try it out. I think that he only managed to create one chain, but he had a grin the whole time. I was a little concerned that no parent seemed to be missing this child, but I soon saw that mom was at a booth catty-corner to ours and was watching & smiling. When the boy got up to leave, she mouthed "thank you!" But really, I had as much fun as he did!

The Gathering of the Guilds is an opportunity to share our needlework interests with the community, and a chance to tell people about our Guild. In preparation for the Gathering, we are planning our Make It/ Take It. It's an introduction to crochet with a small project that the students should be able to finish in 1 hour. We will be making up kits for each student. So our January Chapter meeting will be making one of the projects, discussing ways to make it as easy as possible, and then assembling the kits.

Our February meeting will probably be preparing displays for the Gathering, and possibly making some items to sell. We don't know the theme for this year. Last year's was Under the Sea, and Justine crocheted some fabulous shells, and Faith made a beach themed scarf.

The Gathering is February 27th. For more information, check out "the website".

March is National Crochet Month. We usually put together a display for the library where we hold our meetings. With on-going construction and parking lot paving at the library, I can't remember how long it's been since we've met there. I need to find out if they want a display this year. I also need to finalize meeting room plans for the year.

Then April - It's official - The First Annual Crocheters' Weekend will be held April 23rd and 24th at the Church of the Brethren in Mechanicsburg! Friday night we will have a market, book signing, crochet clinic, swap room and display. On Saturday, we will have all those events, plus classes. Our big name teachers are "Margaret Hubert" and "Dee Stanziano". Several of our Chapter members will also be teaching, including my introduction to Tunisian crochet; Justine teaching hairpin lace, and a class aimed at teens; and a young lady who will be teaching a beginner crochet class just for kids. Lunch and childcare will be available, so you can make a full day of crochet!

Our planning meetings have produced a letter for yarn shops to display and handout, a registration form, and a brochure is almost finished. I'm working on getting a website up and running, although that's not at all my skill set. I'll post the website here when things are ready.

In the meantime, I'd like to step away from the computer, the word processing programs, the note taking at meetings, etc. and get my hook back into some yarn!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Holiday catching up

It looks like this might be a "snowier-than-usual" December. We had about 4 inches fall Wednesday night into Thursday morning. It looks very "Christmasy"
Daughter #2 arrived home from her year-long work assignment on Wednesday evening. We had a newsy, laughter-filled dinner out with friends.

Tonight, New Year's Eve for many, was Christmas for our family. We watched our usual Peter, Paul & Mary Holiday Concert, drank hot cocoa, and exchanged presents; and then had a traditional New Year's celebration of a family game, this year it was Apples to Apples. Then we watched about 15 minutes of the New Year's Celebration and count down on the Internet.

2009 was an interesting year for me, there were a lot of changes with jobs; some planned, some a surprise. Crochet-wise there were things planned that never got completed, projects that were finished fabulously, and things that came serendipitously. It looks like 2010 will be starting that same way! Our Chapter, Those Yarn Crocheters, Harrisburg Chapter of the CGOA will be very busy for the first four months of the year. I promise to write more very soon.

Here's hoping that everyone had a fabulous year in 2009, and wishes that 2010 is even better!