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Friday, February 25, 2005

What kind of Yarn are you?

I'm exploring new crocheting, yarn, patterns sites today. I found a pattern for the Sierpinksi shawl! My daughter said I should make one, she did a Science Fair Project on the Sierpinksi triangle. That would be my influence - I did so love all kinds of hands-on-math activities in our homeschooling. The fun thing about this pattern? It's not written in crochet language, but mathematical formula.
"Sierpinski shawl picture and pattern"
I was reading a blog about knitting and crocheting, when I came across a square with a pretty pattern and the words "You are dishcloth cotton" with what looked to be a poem underneath. It had a link to a quiz to determine what type of yarn you are. Fun! Well, here are my results You are Merino Wool. You are very easygoing and sweet. People like to keep you close because you are so softhearted. You love to be comfortable and warm from your head to your toes.

What kind of yarn are you?
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Should I worry that I'm actually allergic to the type of yarn I am?
Maybe I could be Homespun...it has the same characteristics without the allergy!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Excellent crochet journal

Crochet with Dee - I'd love to! Dee's daily journal was the inspiration for me to start this site. Along with Dee's news about her crocheting, yarns, patterns, teaching, family, she also offers book and product reviews, links to sites of interest, and lots of humor.
I started this entry on Friday, and saved it as a draft. Kept thinking about going back and finishing it. You really should know about Dee's journal. Well, today she has an entry about President's Day; and she's not talking Washington and Lincoln!
Go to Dee's entry "Presidents' Day" and read about which Presidents Dee honors.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Still drooling over Yummy yarns!

I guess the "Drool and Pet" session at Ben Franklin wasn't enough, I'm online looking at yarns and drooling.
Here's an item we can drool over,
"Poundcake, yummy yarns in a Bakery box"
I need another cup of hot tea to go with these Yummy yarns.
Check out Plymouth Yarns - Eros, 24K and Stars. "Plymouth Yarns" This is not the Stars I saw at Ben Franklin today. But love these yarns!


I went to Ben Franklin today, still searching for that variegated yarn. The local store is going out of business, and everything is on sale. I was hoping for some great bargains on yarn. Most of the items in the store are 10% off. When they start their Red Heart Super Saver at $2.49, even 10% off makes it higher than I can get it at other stores. They didn't have the variegated either. Oh, they had variegated blue, green, red, just no purple.
But they have some "yummy yarns"! Berroco has a lovely Plush, 100% nylon. It is really soft and "cushy", it would make a delightful baby blanket. But at $8.99 for 1.75 oz/90 yards, that would be very expensive. So on to other Berroco items - Candy FX, several colors and sparkles, I'm thinking another scarf! But, how many scarves does one woman need? Maybe I'll sell some, not looking for great fortunes, just a little income and the opportunity to explore more yarns! Berroco Cliche - I've been drooling over this online, it's just as fun in real life. Life a sport weight yarn with little fuzzies of color. I'm thinking short sleeve sweater in Tunisian knit stitch. Hmm, need to do some calculating, how much do I need? It's 75 yards for $9.99.
You can see the yarn at this site
"Berroco Cliche"

Tahki has a lot of fun new novelty yarns. The Tahki Star is like crochet thread in glittery colors - pink/purple/silver, or blue/green/silver. Would add some color shine and glitter when used with a strand of sport weight to create a scarf. A doily with immense pizzazz! $9.99 for a ball, that's an expensive doily.
See the yarn here "Tahki Star" Be sure to zoom in to see the real beauty of this thread/yarn.
Then there's Flower - a pretty mix of colors with little balls of silver. At $12.99 that's just to drool over, probably.
There was a pretty ribbon type yarn similar to the Tahki Flower, with little silver spots. It was called Stars, a nylon/polyester blend. It was $10.99 per ball.
Well, I can spend the week thinking about project possibilities and yardage needed. Then check back to the sale later in the week to see if the yarn gets marked down further. The fabrics were 20% off, and Christmas items 50% off! So maybe.......
Let me start thinking about that short sleeve sweater,... Start with an existing pattern and adapt it a little? Start with measurements and the worksheet from the Needlecraft University class? Must leave the computer and go to patterns, and yarn and hook.

Friday, February 18, 2005

New Yarns

I've been to 3 stores for yarn in just 2 days! What fun. I'm a little disappointed that no one has the variegated I need for the afghan I've promised. I might have to start searching for it online, and then wait for it to be delivered!

I went to Michaels today, I heard on CP list that the Caron Simply Soft was on sale for $2; $1 at some stores. So I have to look, right? My store had a few colors on clearance for $2, light yellow - only 2 skeins, bright yellow - no colors to go with that and couldn't think of a project I might want it for; light fir green - I like that, but only 1 skein, and baby green - okay you got a deal. I bought 1 of each of the greens with an idea for a new Tunisian scarf. Do I really need more Tunisian scarves? Why not? They're fun, so In right now, quick to make, I can see how colors and stitches work - maybe put them into an afghan later. And I'm seriously considering publishing some scarf patterns. I want to start with some easy patterns with basic stitches and worsted weight yarns, and then some more interesting stitches and some novelty yarns. So, I'm making up samples, testing patterns, experimenting with yarns,...designer stuff.

Michaels also had Homespun Baby on sale for $2 per skein, there was a pattern on the wrapper for a baby blanket, so I had to, right? There was a very pretty green, but not the 5 skeins needed for the blanket. Gorgeous purple, but finally decided on 5 skeins of light blue. Then, there were some colors of Lion Brand Baby Soft that I don't have in my Tunisian sample afghan, so I had to get a few of those!

They had a nice display of some new novelty yarns from Moda Dea. I really like one called Tutu. It looks a little like a fun fur, with long, thin strips that look like crepe paper streamers. I picked up a little ball of blue, put it back, then pink, put it back, then purple, finally decided that I had enough yarn and projects for now. But I've definitely added that to my "explore it in the future" list. A Tunisian knit stitch short-sleeved sweater!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Silver Charms

You have to see the crochet hook in sterling silver at this site! http://www.charlanddesigns.com/o/
You might also like to go to the Knitting section of the silver collection and look at the "ball of yarn" and "stitch gauge". We could create an interesting silver charm bracelet or necklace with a crochet theme!


That green Homespun yarn finally found it's "raison d'etre" (see post of Nov 23). While surfing the web, probably looking at sites recommended in the Crochet Partner group messages http://www.crochetpartners.org/ I found a pattern for a diagonal stitch shawl. I need to double check an old pattern, I believe this is the same stitch as the box stitch. I started on this stitch and really liked the way it worked with the Homespun. A friend asked if I would make a shawl for an older friend who is in a nursing home and is always cold. So I used this pattern to make a shawl. Basically, if you find directions for the stitch, it works up into a triangle, so you have a beautiful shape for a shawl. It took 2 skeins of Homespun on an N hook for a medium sized shawl.
I have been trying to design a shawl in Tunisian crochet, but having problems getting the proper shaping. I may use some "stash" yarn to work several rows of this diagonal stitch and use it as sort of a template for the Tunisian shawl.
The church that we belong to started a Shawl Ministry last month. Once a month the group gets together to work and discuss, working in either knitting or crocheting, other times we can work on our own. I started on a shawl from this pattern. It is a very basic pattern, 2 rows of double crochet, then a row of single. Easy enough for beginners to participate. I also picked up a book at the library, "Folk Shawls: 25 knitting Patterns and Tales from around the World". Inspiration! I think I have a basic understand of knitting and a few stitches, I think I can adapt some of these to Tunisian.