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Monday, March 27, 2006

Crochet in the News

Here's a great article on a man who crochets, but doesn't want his male friends to find out. He learned while in the hospital, and says it helps him relax.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Little footprint square

Well, I finished the little footprint "square". Well, it was very close to a square in knit, it didn't work up that way in Tunisian. I have a tall rectangle, and loooong feet. I have an idea of how to make it work, so will get back to that.
On the hook, the 3rd of the doily set. That is now priority #1.
A class proposal is also on the top of the priority list. I was asked to teach a class on Tunisian at a local yarn shop. Should have moved faster on this, but teaching math is job #1, and I need to stay on top of that just a little longer. We have just 5 more weeks of classes, then Student Recognition Night. Then I have a very long summer to devote to crochet related activities, before preparing for next year's classes.

The Crochet Dude's spring purses

Here's the perfect little gift for that niece/daughter/granddaughter for a spring birthday or Easter. Purses in the shape of spring flowers, two designs by Drew Emborsky aka The Crochet Dude. I saw these this morning and thought about who I could some for. While checking my email, I got a newsletter from Borocco yarn and Lion Brand yarn, and there in the Lion newsletter were Drew's spring purses! That must be a real adrenaline rush, seeing your designs in a major yarn company newsletter. Keep up the good work, Drew. I love all your designs.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Swatching & ideas

Tonight I did more swatching, trying to convert some knit patterns to Tunisian. I was also swatching for ideas for a baby blanket in Tunisian. I found a knit pattern for a square with little footprints on, so I'm converting that. It's coming out really cute. I'm working all in blue, as I know that my niece's baby (due end of June) is a boy. I have some ideas of where to go with this square. Can't tell you yet.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Catching Up & Crocheting in Public

Tuesday evening I went to the local Michaels, I think they call it Sit N Stitch. There were about 10 ladies all knitting, crocheting, and chatting. I did take some patterns to swatch & attempt to convert, was not happy with any of the results. But I still love trying.
Thursday, I stopped at WalMart and found the amethyst yarn I was looking for. Wonder why Michaels and AC Moore don't carry this color?
Tonight I finished another doily, and started the third in a set. I've never done a set before, always individual doilies. But this is a set to be gifted.
Still looking at yarn in the stores and online, and thinking about what to use for the Jiffy Jacket that's the latest garment project on the CAL.
Looking at Caron's Simply Soft in Country Blue, or Berry Blue, or Bernat Satin, Sapphire, Lapis, Lagoon, Decisions, decisions.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

More crocheting in public

Tonight was a Shawl Ministry night, so I had more crocheting in public. There were actually about 4 of us crocheting tonight, ok I was doing Tunisian as usual. But the first several months of this Ministry, I was the only one not knitting.
I really enjoy looking at the different stitch patterns that others are using, as well as all the beautiful colors in the yarns.
Tomorrow I will be going to Michaels for more crocheting in public. Have to think about what project to take along. I don't think it'll be squares for the afghan. Might be one of the doilies. Or I might take along a skein of light colored yarn and work on swatches for converting a crochet shawl to Tunisian, and a knit shawl to Tunisian.

Shopping & thinking about next projects

I'm getting a little behind in postings, but it's been busy.
Younger daughter, M, came home for spring break. We've been catching up with news, shopping, and cooking. We stopped at Michael's on Sunday to see if they had any amethyst yarn for the afghan I've started. It's going to be in many shades of purple. I told her that I was planning to make a sweater next, and asked what color she'd recommend. I would have chosen a heathery-blue, but so much that I do for myself is blue. I wear a lot of blue. Anyway, she selected Simply Soft Country Blue, my first choice, too. Then she said for herself, she'd choose another blue & pointed to it. I had to laugh at her, she selected Dark Country Blue. Will probably use the country blue, and if it comes out nicely, I'm going to the yarn shop and getting something a little fancier.
While shopping today, we saw a cute little spring/summer sweater. It was spring greeen, 3/4 length sleeves, very open "crochet-look". I think it was some machine work that "resembled" crochet. I tried it on, and it barely came to the waistband of my jeans. When will this short shirt fad be over? It's bad enough that the designers all seem to be going for short body in the shirts & sweaters, they assume that the average woman is about 5'2". You should see how this looks when those of us over 5'8" try to find a top long enough. Well, that means I have to design a spring/summer cardigan to go over a t-top.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Crocheting in Public

Yesterday, my friend/student and I spent 2 hours crocheting in the library. Currently I am teaching her Tunisian, she wants to create a shawl in Homespun, similar to one I'm currently making. She has learned the Tunisian Simple Stitch (aka TSS & Basic Afghan stitch BAS), the Tunisian Knit and Tunisian Purl. She is currently practing a swatch which uses all the stitches, and looks at how they look with several rows of TSS, followed by several rows of knit, then a section of alternating knit and purl rows. She works very precisely and this piece, in orchid, is beautiful. She currently has about a 5 x 7 swatch. I think she plans to continue until it's 7 x 9, and then donate the rectangle to Warm Up America. I recently dropped off about 40 rectangles made by my students and me.
We then reviewed the pattern for a diagonal box stitch. She just finished a triangular shawl with this stitch, but needed help getting the next one started. This is a little tricky to get started, and doesn't help when you're using Homespun.
But, she got it started and finished about 4 rows.

Crochet in public

Yesterday, my friend/student and I crocheted in the library for about two hours. I am teaching her Tunisian, currently. She has learned the Tunisian Simple Stitch (aka Basic Afghan Stitch), Tunisian knit and Tunisian Purl. She has a swatch that's about 7 x 5 inches now. She will continue to practice until it's 9 x 7, and the rectangle will probably de donated to Warm Up America. She crochets very tightly, but very precise, her swatch, in orchid, is beautiful.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Talking Crochet with Carol Alexander

Today's issue of Talking Crochet had the results of the Craft Yarn Council of America's 2005 market survery. The data agrees with what we're seeing in the stores, in magazines, and in catalogs - crochet is hotter than ever. Crocheters and knitters - here's the facts "The ratio of crocheted to knitted projects held steady at 66% for crochet and 34% for knitters." There was an increase in the number of projects, and and increase in the sale of fashion yarn.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Someone Special "M" Sonshapes hook

Snow Flower Doily

Libray books

I have a big stack of crochet & knit books from 4 different local libraries. Wish I had more time to really read through them & write thoughtful reviews.
Spent many more hours yesterday on getting photos of crocheting, editing, & sending them to M for web design project. It's getting exciting. Yesterday I also started a new afghan. It's to be donated for the raffle at the dance studio - It's all about the Purple! I'm using orchid, dark orchid, pale plum, medium purple & white, so far. Trying to find amethyst, which will go with lavender. I think it's going to be gorgeous.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Blurring the line between knitters and crocheters

While at Dee's fantastic blog, read her entry for Thursday March 2nd. "Needing to Blur the Line". This is about the attitude many knitters have toward crocheters, and it seems to be felt frequently at your Local Yarn Shop (LYS). I have felt that at one of the local shops I've visited, but had a totally different experience at another. Now it may have help that I know one of the co-owners from the dance studio where I work part time, but I think it's more that these 2 ladies love yarn, and don't care what you do with it, as long as you enjoy it and create something that you like. They admired my Tunisian scarf when I wore it to a Knit Out Day, and after telling them something about the technique they said I should teach a class at their shop.
I think Debbie Stoller's new book Stitch'NBitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker would help with this problem. I loved the book from the first paragraph, it's up-to-date, fresh, funny, and Accurate! Her explanations of how to do each stitch are so detailed that anyone should be able to follow them and create stitches. And her attitude toward crochet is very positive. But most of all her attitude toward knitters is that they should try this technique, it's easier, faster, and can create so many different stitches and stitch combinations that they would be impressed. But, that means knitters will have to look beyond the title and pick it up & read it because Debbie Stoller's name is on it.
A book review is planned in the future, busy on several big projects at this time.

Dee's library display for National Crochet Month

Check out my favorite blogger's site today. She has created a display for her public library for March - National Crochet Month. She used the theme "Then & Now". The display is eye-catching colorful, historical & educational, includes crochet books (probably available from the library), crochet hooks, crocheted items and dolls. Dee has included traditional items- such as the natural color bedspread cotton, bone hooks and a gorgeous pineapple doily, and modern items - bright varietaged thread, novelty yarns, and striped hats. Notice the crocheted bookmark in the antique pattern book. Be sure to click on the picture, that opens a new window with larger pictures. Then flip through and look at all 3 pictures.
Fantastic work - Dee I give you an A+ on the project. Now, can you tell me where to find a pattern for that pineapple doily?

Friday, March 03, 2006

Braille patterns for knitting and crochet

This site is fascinating. Marjorie has compiled knit and crochet patterns in Braille books, not just a few books, not just one topic such as afghans, but hundreds of different kinds of patterns. Not just hundreds of patterns, either, hundreds of pattern books. I would love to actually see and touch some of these books.

Computer work

Today I spent hours working, on my own and with my daughter on things involving computers and crochet. With her help I finally got that link in my sidebar, that link I was approved for months ago, I got an email with the information on putting the link onto my blog. Not matter what I did with that copied code, though, it didn't show up on the sidebar.
Well, daughter #2 (from now on known as M) is taking a class in web design this semester, so I asked her for help. M also made a button with the CGOA logo to show you that I'm a CGOA member, but also, if you click on the logo, it takes you to the CGOA homepage.
I also spent a lot of time scanning crochet items & emailing them to her for a project for her design class.

Crochet Day

Today was a crochet day! It began with a visit to the Dr. while waiting in the exam room I started on a new doily. When the Dr. came in, she complimented the doily & the scarf I was wearing and asked a lot of questions.
After that I browsed at Joann's Fabric while getting a prescription filled. I was immediately drawn to a ball of soft yarn that was the color of a creamsicle. It was Bellezza Dolcetto, and is a wool/nylon/cotton blend. It's unbelievably soft! I am allergic to wool, and can't wear wool/nylon blends especially, but I'm thinking of trying a small project in this yarn. But I'm thinking that with approximately 130 yards per ball, it would take a lot to make anything substantial, like a baby afghan. It would make some comfy booties! "Bellezza Dolcetto"
After lunch I went to the library for the weekly crochet lesson. My stuents are a co-worker and her pre-teen daughter. Today they thought they'd like to learn some Tunisian, as my friend wants to make a Prayer Shawl like the one I'm currently working. I'm using Homespun in the Barrington color, which is purple with some jade/teal specks. Check out the beautiful Homespun colors at the Lion Brand website "Lion Brand Homespun"
A little girl came over and asked us what we were making, and a gentleman asked if we were learning anything.
After that I went out to Border's to get together with a fellow crocheter I met through the Crochet Partners list. She was working on a gorgeous Valentine's Day doily from a Leisure Arts booklet Holiday Table Toppers. Check it out at Purple Kitty "Holiday Table Toppers"
I worked on the doily I started in the morning. We drank coffee and talked for 3 hours.
A full day of crocheting in public!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

National Crochet Month

March is National Crochet Month
During the month crocheters are going to do what they can to promote crochet.
For my part:
I will try to post at least a few sentences every day in March
I will crochet in public
I will search on line for new techniques, new stitches and new patterns to share
I will review magazines, books and patterns
I will frequently wear something I've crocheted
I will crochet as much as I can

I've gotten some great books from the library, bought some new books, new magazines, and some self-published patterns. Hoping to get reviews, soon.

Crochet Partners will be celebrating with puzzles, contests, and other fun things. Last year there were crossword puzzles, word searches, biographies,... "Crochet Partners"

Crochet Guild of America is offering Free Patterns during the month.

Today's pattern is a pretty Lattice Diamond Square. I think I'll practice this pattern, adapt it into a 7 x 9 rectangle and make one for Warm Up America. "Warm Up America"

Look at some pretty blankets at Dee's site "Crochet with Dee"