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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Predator vs Prey Mittens

Here's a very clever idea, warm mittens and puppet fun all in one. okay, technically two mittens. A lion and gazelle pair, a frog and fly, and a whale with a fish. This designer came up with a creative product.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

More on linked stitches & seeing connections

I've spent a few days playing with linked stitches. And I've definitely been enjoying the exploration. So far, I've created a swatch consisting of foundation stitches and 15 linked doubles. To practice, I made a 7 x 9 block for "Warm Up America" .

So what are some of the things that I've discovered in my explorations:

It's fun to explore linked stitches & better understand the construction of stitches

Linked dcs look like consecutively worked rows of dcs in the back loop only

The technique leaves a nice free loop that would be great for working long or spiked stitches

Turned 90 degrees the swatch has great vertical bars, like Tunisian simple stitch

The process of working linked stitches is almost identical to working off the loops of Tunisian stitches

Variegated yarns create interesting stitch patterns

I used an L hook with worsted weight yarn and created a fabric with fabulous drape

Clink on the link in the last post and watch the video of linked doubles, Thata calls them "express doubles". Then get out your hook and yarn and do some playing on your own. What can you find out about this technique? What design ideas does that playing create? I've created several pages of notes and swatches.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Linked stitches

I discovered a video of a linked stitch technique that creates two rows of dc at the same time. It's such a simple idea, and I took a class on linked stitches at the last conference, why didn't I think of this? Think how much faster you can make a scarf or afghan that involves row after row of dc's. I've just gotten an idea, must go play with hook and fiber!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

How Knitting and Crocheting Make Us Better

I discovered this blog on Lion Brand while meandering this morning. I don't think that I need to add a lot here, just read.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Crochet Stitch Markers

Crocheters and Knitters need different kinds of stitch markers. Why? Well, in knitting the stitch marker goes onto the needle between stitches, not on the yarn. As you work a row or round, the stitch marker is left in place and slipped from one needle to the next. In crochet, the stitch marker is clipped onto the yarn at a specific stitch or space. The crocheter actually has to unclip the stitch marker, move it to the next row or round, and clip it on again. Knitting stitch markers can be closed "round rings", while crochet stitch markers need an opening, or a clip of some kind.
Some crocheters go with the "it's cheap, it's handy" idea and use scraps of a contrasting color yarn, paper clips, bobby pins or safety pins. These are all nice for the cheap and handy reasons. Over the decades, I've found things that I don't like about all of them. I'm willing to pay a few dollars for what I know is a very necessary tool.
Most yarn stores carry knitting stitch markers and most will carry the "Clover stitch markers". These look like safety pins, and are made of colorful plastic. I like them because they're easy to use, and usually contrast nicely with the colors of yarn that I'm using! If you drop one of these cheap plastic stitch markers and it escapes under the couch cushion or the Lazy-Boy, just grab another and go on with your project! You can retrieve it later.
I also have some lovely bead stitch markers, hand made by a fellow CGOA Chapter member. These look elegant on a project in the works. But I usually will not use them on a project that I may carry to the Shawl Ministry get-togethers or the Tuesday evening Crochet in Public. If I lost one, I'd be more than sad.

If you'd like to have some lovely beaded crochet stitch markers, check "these".

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

crochet clip art

A reader left a comment on a previous post, asking about crochet clip art. I've spent most of the day looking for some good clip art. In my searches, I'm surprised at how often the search term "crochet" brings up pictures of yarn and knitting needles. But a bigger surprise is that term bringing pictures of croquet mallets. People don't know the difference between a croquet mallet and a crochet hook?!

I finally hit the jackpot and found a great source of pictures of crochet, crochet hooks, crochet fabrics, etc. Enjoy looking "clip art"