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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Another Trip Across the State

Yesterday, I took another trip across the state and back, returning my daughter to college. It wasn't a total no-crochet day. We arranged to meet her boyfriend in a Barnes and Noble about an hour from campus, spent about an hour enjoying books, them went to dinner. He took her to campus, and I headed home, this arrangement cut 2 hours of my trip. With slight car problems, I finished the trip in about 12 hours.
I went into the bookstore with the intention of spending money, I wanted to get a book called Crocheting School by Fabbri Editori. You can view it at Amazon "Crocheting School"
After looking at all the crocheting books on the shelf, and several knitting books, I decided to buy 2 different books instead of this one. But, I'm thinking that one day I will buy this one, also.
Today is for relaxing, I'm working a little on a prayer shawl, with plans to work more on the ripple afghan while watching some tv later.


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