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Monday, October 31, 2005


I noticed a few weeks ago that it was coming up on 1 year since I started my blog. I thought I'd think about what I've accomplished, dreams, etc and write a nice anniversary posting, but I missed it.

Catching Up, When can I do that?

I feel that I'm so far behind, I bought a magazine at the Knitter's Day Out and haven't even looked at the cover. I wonder where I put that magazine, anyway. I borrowed a book from the library, Afghans from America's State Fairs and loved it so much that I searched all over the internet and found it on sale! Now that I own it I haven't found the time to select an afghan and start stitching.

Last week I arrived early at the library for a tutoring session and spent time looking for crochet books that I haven't had out recently. I found that they had a video "Learn to Crochet", I also selected one about knitting "Multi-Color Techniques for Handknitters". Thought there might be something interesting that I could use in my Tunisian work. I also picked out 6 books. Where am I going to find the time to read, and review these items?

More Hats!

I dropped the 4 hats at the church and got a request for a hat in a manly color and design. The group had been asked for 40 hats in pink, baby blue and cream. So, I looked at all the yarn choices at Michaels. I was hoping for possibly a navy blue or a brown, but had to settle for Lion Microspun in black. I finished the hat Thursday evening, along with one in cream Microspun. In place of Fun Fur I used Bernat Frenzy in Panic Pink. This is more of a mohair-look yarn, it's white white pink, orange, lime, lilac! This would work up better with the thicker TLC Amore. The hat is really pretty.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Well, I've got a pretty pattern in Tunisan doubles. Need to think about a border, and start the math for sizing.

While swatching and exploring new stitches, I tried a new one from the 52 Tunisian Crochet Stitches combine to make an Afghan Stitch Sampler (Dolores Franks, Leisure Arts #2501). It is the Diamonds and Shells. An interesting stitch combination, it is basically regular crochet shells, with a small diamond of afghan stitch, aka Tunisian Simple Stitch. I made it in a worsted weight with an M hook. I'm thinking this would work up really nice in a sport weight with possibly an H, or I hook. Since it is mostly single & double crochet, with only 6 loops on the hook for the Tunisian diamond, I'm thinking of using a regular hook, rather than the Tunisian (afghan) hook.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Sensations Poncho

I have finished the body of the afghan, and added a black satin ribbon woven through the shells at the top. I've hung it over a dress on a hanger, and regularly look at it, trying to decide if I want to put on the edging that I had planned to add. I was going to put on a simple row of black boa, but now thinking that it really doesn't need anything else. Daughter is already in Alaska, so this will wait until she's home again around Thanksgiving.

Last night I quickly worked up 3 more of the soft hats to go to the chemo group. Tonight I made one in TLC Amore, had to adapt my pattern just a little to get the same final size. It's really soft, and it has just enough body in this little hat.

So, what's on the hook now? Still working on the diamond trellis piece, slowly but surely. I'm also swatching some ideas for a Tunisian afghan.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Afghan finished

I finished the afghan, took pictures, and delivered it yesterday evening. It is for a wedding that took place this evening.
Tonight I started on the poncho for daughter #1. I'm using Joann's Sensation boucle in black, and a very simple shell stich. I had been thinking Tunisian, but daughter had some ideas, so I went with hers. Maybe I'll design the next one in Tunisian!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Knitter's Day Out

I had a great time at the Knitter's Day out today. I looked at some yummy yarns, wools, sari silk, rayon chenille, cotton blends, so many yarns, so little time!
There wre plenty of knitted projects to get your creative juices flowing, some beautiful baby blankets, sweaters, ponchos, quilted vests with knitted sleeves, felted bags.
Most of the vendors had knitting needles, books, etc. but several had books on crochet, one had a crocheted poncho. I got a lot of ideas about colors, combining fibers, shapes, stitches,...
I talked to several people about the Tunisian scarf I was wearing, it was one of my originals combining a strand of sport weight with a novelty railroad yarn. It was done in the Tunisian knit stitch. One vendor suggested that I offer to teach a class on Tunisian next year, as they're always looking for new ideas for classes.
I shopped lightly, only purchasing the new Interweave Knit magazines's special Crochet issue. I'm still thinking about that hank of beautiful blue/green sari silk, and some pretty sparkly cotton blend. But my stash is overflowing, many WIM stacking up. Besides, Knitter's Dream is having a sale next week!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Classes resume

Last year I had a small crocheting class, held where I teach math. We took a break for the summer, and getting back into the school year, but started up again today. I taught them the diagonal box stitch. The daughter, about 10, is an avid knitter and has been picking up the crochet like a natural! She did very well on this new stitch pattern, and was excited by the developing triangle. She now plans to select her own yarn and make a shawl as a Christmas present for a relative.

I've invited a friend to join me tomorrow at the market for Knitter's Day Out in Harrisburg. This is related to the Knit Out and Crochet 2 that's being held in many cities in October. Along with the market they are having classes on Saturday, only 1 crochet the rest knit. Anyway, we're going to "Drool and Pet" and get some inspiration for new projects.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Associate Professional Member of the Crochet Guild of America

Afghan progress

Saturday I worked 8 rows on the diamond trellis, with the thread it's hard to see that I made any progress.
I also started on the afghan. I made 7 daisy hexagons and joined them into a strip, and then started on one edge and did 5 rows of ripple. Then on the opposite side, I started the ripple which will become the main body of the afghan. I finished about 1/4 or 1/3 of the afghan by last night. My daughter sat down beside me on the couch and went gaga over the afghan, "beautiful, gorgeous, colors great, best ever". That feels good!
I have just promised to make her a poncho, as she is heading to Ancorage Alaska to work for 6 months. She is to look at the Homespun today and start thinking about colors. Wait, she's leaving in about 2 weeks, and I have this afghan to finish for a wedding before that!