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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Unveiling

I can now tell you about another project that I've been working on...I made a scarf in Tunisian Knit Stitch using Red Heart Stripes yarn. This project is for a raffle in the "RA_Yarnsandmore group"

The design was first worked in Red Heart Stripes in Breezy, a nice self-striping in white, blue & lime green; very summery. This scarf was given at the gift exchange at the Chain Link Conference.

Then I worked up the design in RH Sonoma Stripes - tan, brown, gold and orange. Definitely autumn colors. I worked a round of single crochet in tan, and then a round of reverse slip stitch in the Sonoma Stripes.

This scarf was raffled in the RA_Yarnsandmore group, as a way to generate interest in new yarns. It's on it's way to the winner in the morning.


At Monday, August 09, 2010, Blogger Shelby said...

Is this your design, Jane? If not, can you tell us where to get it on Tuesday? It looks like fun. I love self-striping yarn and it looks like it works up quick. I haven't seen anything else like it.

At Monday, August 09, 2010, Blogger Jane's Hooked on Crochet said...

Yes, this is my design. I'm thinking that it will be the free pattern that I give to students in my Tunisian class at Knitters Day Out.


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