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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thursday at Chain Link

My fellow chapter member & I went out to breakfast before class, before 8 am and it's already sweltering. I opted for iced tea, instead of the planned coffee. It was in the upper 90's for most of the week, not what I expected when I headed to the North East. But back home it was in the triple digits - 105 in Hershey!

Thursday morning we both took a class with Joan Davis, Crochet Camisoles that Fit. Unfortunately, there were a lot of people of people in a small room and someone had some strong perfume that set off my allergies. Even with an anti-histamine and inhaler, the wheezing & coughing were bad. I tried hard candy, which usually works, and a walk in the hallway, but eventually had to pack up and head to my room.

Lunch at a restaurant on Elm Street included a committee meeting. Great food.

My afternoon class was on designing Tunisian projects with Darla Fanton. This was a great class. I have a lovely swatch of different stitches. I'll try to get some pictures, throwing it on the scanner didn't work with this swatch.

The evening involved the announcement of the "CGOA Design Competition winners", slide show and small fashion show. Wow! Some spectacular designs. Then the gift exchange, I gifted a Tunisian scarf, one of my own designs. I received a chatelaine with scissors, needles and hooks. Thanks, WK I love it. Then on to the Market Preview, shopping and a quick get together with some of the Buddy group from the Ravelry Cyber Chapter of the CGOA. This group met up in the lounge Tuesday evening, and went out to dinner on Wednesday (I had a class), then they went to lunch on Thursday (I had a committee meeting). While I missed most of the meet-ups, I've heard that the group had lots of fun, and was a big success.

My friend & I had dinner at the hotel about 9 pm, and headed to bed early, another long and busy day.

Here's a link to the Design Competition winners, with descriptions and photos:
"2010 Design Competition Winners"

Congratulations to all the designers who entered the competition, and to the winners.


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