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Friday, July 23, 2010

"A Day at the Office" with Drew Emborsky

I was following links of interest today and came across this video from Drew.

My first thought was "look at how lightly he holds his hook and yarn". This is something that I try to get across to new crocheters. We don't need a death grip on the hook, it's not going to jump out of our hands. It's not easier to control with a tighter grip. And with the relaxed grip you have less stress on your hands and wrists, and a softer, better draping fabric.

I know that this is not what Drew was trying to say with his podcast, but we can learn from many different sources. Now what was that thread in the Ravelry Learn Crochet group where I was commenting on relaxing and letting the yarn flow? I could add this link for inspiration.


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