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Thursday, April 08, 2010

It's Chain Link preparation time!

This week is more preparation for the annual Chain Link Conference. This year it will be the first week of July in Manchester, NH. The conference was in Manchester two years ago, I attended, but didn't stay in the hotel. Hubby & I took our camper and had a conference/vacation/anniversary trip. We stayed at a lovely campground on the edge of a small river with a sand camping spot. That was my first time camping on sand, and it was a lovely area. Our second camping in sand was last year in Presque Isle, that's another tale.

The class preview was posted to the CGOA, and the Knit & Crochet Show websites in late March. I made a list of classes that I'd like to take, and events that I wanted to attend, and then set the paper aside to let ideas flow.

Last week I reviewed my class list and finalized (I think!) what classes I wanted to take. I emailed this to my CGOA Chapter buddy so we could see if we were taking some of the same classes.
Early this week I started the famous spreadsheet. I put in days and times, then started adding classes, other "paid" events like the banquet and Professional Development Day (PDD) and PDD lunch, then I started adding free events that I didn't want to miss like the Fashion show preview and the various Meet & Greets. Then I tried to add in Market Time, and breaks for lunch and dinner. Looks like I might not get many of those! Then add the colors. I try to color everything paid with one color, free want to attend in another color, paid meals in another, and free time in yet another, this year I also have to add a color for required meetings.
This way, when I'm packing my brain with loads of crochet techniques, patterning, and other fabulous stuff, I don't have to use a lot of brain space to remember when I've got a meeting, an event or meal that I've paid for and should go to, and when I have a little free time to get together for coffee or lunch with a friend. Just a quick glance at the spreadsheet to see if that's a "free time color".

Later on I'll start assembling my Conference binder, and I'll put "my daily schedule" spreadsheet inside the front clear plastic cover. The back cover will hold a map of the event venue which we'll get at registration. At a later date I'll write more about what's inside the binder, and what will be added to it.

Today, I'm doing my online registration! Under special events, the first item is:
1st Timer and would like to have a CGOA Buddy
How cool is that! I barely remember my first time at a Conference, but I remember not having someone to hang around with, someone who knew about where to register, where to relax and stitch, and introduce me to other crocheters. A buddy to help newbies feel at home is a great idea.


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