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Friday, February 18, 2005

New Yarns

I've been to 3 stores for yarn in just 2 days! What fun. I'm a little disappointed that no one has the variegated I need for the afghan I've promised. I might have to start searching for it online, and then wait for it to be delivered!

I went to Michaels today, I heard on CP list that the Caron Simply Soft was on sale for $2; $1 at some stores. So I have to look, right? My store had a few colors on clearance for $2, light yellow - only 2 skeins, bright yellow - no colors to go with that and couldn't think of a project I might want it for; light fir green - I like that, but only 1 skein, and baby green - okay you got a deal. I bought 1 of each of the greens with an idea for a new Tunisian scarf. Do I really need more Tunisian scarves? Why not? They're fun, so In right now, quick to make, I can see how colors and stitches work - maybe put them into an afghan later. And I'm seriously considering publishing some scarf patterns. I want to start with some easy patterns with basic stitches and worsted weight yarns, and then some more interesting stitches and some novelty yarns. So, I'm making up samples, testing patterns, experimenting with yarns,...designer stuff.

Michaels also had Homespun Baby on sale for $2 per skein, there was a pattern on the wrapper for a baby blanket, so I had to, right? There was a very pretty green, but not the 5 skeins needed for the blanket. Gorgeous purple, but finally decided on 5 skeins of light blue. Then, there were some colors of Lion Brand Baby Soft that I don't have in my Tunisian sample afghan, so I had to get a few of those!

They had a nice display of some new novelty yarns from Moda Dea. I really like one called Tutu. It looks a little like a fun fur, with long, thin strips that look like crepe paper streamers. I picked up a little ball of blue, put it back, then pink, put it back, then purple, finally decided that I had enough yarn and projects for now. But I've definitely added that to my "explore it in the future" list. A Tunisian knit stitch short-sleeved sweater!


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