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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Crochet Vacation!

I'm planning my summer crochet vacation, a simple week-long trip to Buffalo to attend the CGOA Conference. While there I'm hoping to see Niagra Falls and see some of the architechture of the region. I need to find a travel guide as see what else is "not to be missed". I'm just been in touch with a CGOA member from Texas, and they're planning a weekend mini-conference in October. Do you think I could convince my husband that I need another crochet vacation?
Well, as I'm thinking about my simple crochet vacation, classess, business trip; I just read in the Crochet Insider about Dora's crochet vacation...She's researching the origins of crochet and is traveling to Sarejavo, Albania and Istanbul!!
Maybe I should find a topic to research and get "research grant" money for a trip!

Oh well, I wish Dora a great trip, luck finding information, and I'm awaiting ready about the travel and the crochet information that she discovers.


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