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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Knitting Scouts

Check out this site, Cast On. They've come up with some fun badges for knitters to earn. It's all in fun. If you think that you've earned one of the badges you can click on it and add it to your blog. Well, some of these badges are excellent for other fiber artists! Like crocheters. And I've definitely earned a few, but we have to change the word knit to crochet. First off is the Math 1 badge: I will Impress you with my Math Prowess

"... a whiz at substituting yarns and calculating gauge, can space increases and decreases evenly and is fully comfortable with the basic math encountered in all... projects." crochet projects

And an advanced math badge: I will Crush you with my Math Prowess

" has applied the principles of higher mathematics to (crochet) including, but not limited to hyperbolic planes, Fibonacci sequences, Klein bottles, Moebius strips, fractals and Flying Spaghetti Monster hats".
Oaky, I'll admit that I haven't done any Flying Spaghetti Monster hat, but I've got the rest!


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