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Friday, May 08, 2009

Another week or more without a blog entry...

Does that mean that there's nothing crochet-related that's happening? That's unlikely. What it means is that I've been working on things, and forgetting to write.

Thursday evening was our CGOA Chapter meeting. I've spent a lot of time researching great pages that I was allowed to print and handout to the group. I've also taken a lot of time to make notes for the meeting, plan an agenda, and gather yarn samples. Then I posted meeting information to the Chapter via our Yahoo group, and sent emails to some people who haven't been to meetings recently. We're starting a new CAL project and thought that several of them might be interested. After the meeting, I typed up meeting notes and posted those to the group. So I've been busy with paperwork.

I also finished the baby dress in bamboo. I didn't like the final round of trim on the collar, so I made up something else. I liked that so much, that I pulled out a round from each sleeve and put the new edging there, and then pull that edging around the bottom of the skirt. And it was a long way around there! I put 3 round, white buttons on the back, and a white heart-shaped button on the front between the two collar points. It's very cute, and my husband say I shouldn't give it away. "You put too much time into that. Save it." I don't know exactly what I'm saving it for, but maybe there will be a new baby in the extended family sometime. I'm not holding my breath.

Also I had a doily that I put down midway through the final round. I've avoided finishing it for a long time. When I picked it up this week, I realized why. I wasn't happy with the final round. It seemed to be puffy stitches hanging in mid-air. I finally decided to pull that round out, and then decided that I'd pull the next one out, too. Then started experimenting with how to finish it. I like the results. Now I must! get some photos - baby dress, doily, 2 sweaters.


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