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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Collecting crochet

This past weekend I took a trip to Western PA and spent time with family. I stayed at the home of an aunt and uncle, they live just across the road from another aunt & uncle, with whom my parents and older brother stayed. We have lots of cousins, and assorted other relatives in the area, and had plenty of time to visit.
I took a recently completed doily as a gift to my aunt, as I know how much she loves crochet lace. I enjoyed seeing the beautiful laces she has throughout the house, frequently coming across an old pice lovingly displayed on a lamp table or dresser. It was great fun to recognize design styles and have some idea of the time periods when the particular item was crocheted. A doily in the guest bedroom was in antique white thread with a border in purples, probably made in the 1940's or 50's. The pineapple tablecloth made from large squares in a golden thread is probably not older than the 1980's, while the blue doily in the master bedroom is definitely made in the 2000's...I made it only a few years ago.
If you're interested in old crochet lace, read this article from the current issue of Crochet Insider.
"Antique Crochet Beauties"


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