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Thursday, May 14, 2009

CAL progress

I just wrote & published a nice post about the CAL, and then found that it was all stuff that I had written in the last post (below). Now I have to find something else to write about.

I'm having fun with this CAL, it's in the Learn Crochet group at "Ravelry". BTW, the Maryland Sheep & Wool that's featured on the Ravelry home page is the one that I opted NOT to go to last week with several members of the local CGOA. My husband reminded me that there's just not enough allergy medication I'm allowed for me to go where there is dust, dogs, sheep, and wool!
We have about 14 ladies participating in the CAL, some are new to crocheting and learning the stitches, others know stitches and are learning to read patterns, and others are learning about the helpfulness of stitch markers and the importance of counting stitches.

I hope you've all check out Ravelry. It's the most informative group since CGOA. With these 2 groups I get new information every day - new yarns, new patterns, new techniques and helpful hints, new names in design, and new friends.


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