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Thursday, April 09, 2009

How is the organization process working?

How is the organization process working? and is it helpful?
Well, I thought that I had lost the papers with my list of stashed yarn purchased for sweaters/tops. But I found it. Must, must, must get some papers filed! Anyway, the first page has yarn weight, fiber content, color, #of skeins and total yardage of yarn in stock. Then I have several pages with names of patterns, location (specific book or magazine), fiber recommended, yarn weight, # of yards. Then I've been slowly making notes of what "in-stock" yarns might work with these patterns.

Last night I met a fellow needleworker for coffee at Borders. We had a good time playing with yarn, knitting, crocheting, Tunisian, swatching. She finished a few rows of her knitting - a diagonal baby afghan. I had great fun exploring her pattern in Tunisian. After the coffee was long gone, we went next door to Michaels just to see what they had. Michaels is promising a "new" yarn section for Spring. It looks like they're clearancing a lot of things, but odd categories. Like the Red Heart Super Saver, nomally $2.59, was on sale for $2.29, except for the red - it was $1.49. Neither of us felt that we needed red, even at those prices. Why wasn't the Tweed on sale for $1.49? There was a lovely shade of blue in the RH Designer Sport, but not enough skeins for a sweater, several other blue shades with plenty of skeins, but the color just wasn't as pretty. I'll wait. Then I found Bernat Softee Chunky for $1.99 a skein, only 6 skeins. Wait, I happen to have my stash notes in my project bag. I need x # of yards. Check the yardage, multiply on stash list, there's plenty for this project! So I bought yarn for a lovely sweater vest, total cost will be less than $14!!

I'm finishing up a little baby sweater today, but think that I just might start the sweater vest next. Would love to start stitching on that jade mercerized cotton! Love the color, but haven't settled on the perfect pattern, yet.


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