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Monday, April 13, 2009

Blue Skies Jacket

Friday evening I started my newest project. The Blue Skies Jacket from the July 2008issue of Crochet! magazine. The sweater vest was designed by Tammy Hildebrand, and it is super fast and easy. It's made with a bulky weight yarn, I used that Bernat Softee Chunky that I bought on clearance Thursday evening. Then the stitch pattern is basically V-stiches, then V-stitch in the chain 1 space of the V-stitch,... It could have gotten boring, except that I could see the sweater happening so fast! I made a few minor modifications, first adding about 5 rows to make it longer. Then on the front border I added a row of reverse slip stitch. That adds a nice, classic, tailored finish. I skipped the bottom border, and did a single in each dc and in each chain 1 space, then a row of single in each single, then the row of reverse slip stitches. I had already finished the sleeves with the little shells, but after trying it on for the zillionth time, I decided to frog back the shells and put on the row of reverse slip stitch.

I finished the vest tonight, Sunday. I used less than 5 of the 6 balls of yarn, purchased for $1.99 each. So this is my $10 weekend sweater vest. I finished the baby sweater on Friday morning, after finishing the Short and Sweet Cardigan on Monday. So it's been a very productive week or two! I hope to take pictures of all the sweaters tomorrow. I wore the newly finished Short and Sweet to school on Tuesday, and plan to wear the Blue Skies this Tuesday! Tuesday is the last day of school, and Student Recognition Night, and I'm finished teaching for the year. I'm hoping to spend the summer doing a lot of crochet related things.


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