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Saturday, November 08, 2008

New threadwork finished

Tonight I finished a small filet piece, I don't think that I've even mentioned starting it. I was looking for small, easy pieces to show the Guild chapter and came across this snowflake block. Working it up gave me a good review of filet technique so that I'm a little more prepared to share.
I was thinking about blocking this, and the two doilies that have been on the ironing board for several weeks (isn't that pitiful?). but as my #2 daughter mentions every time she walks by me here at the computer "Dude, you have to be up early in the morning". So I think I better head to bed, and plan on blocking,....
Tomorrow morning a group of ladies from the Crochet in Public at Borders, and the CGOA Chapter are meeting for breakfast, and then heading to a local yarn shop. Sunday I've got a photo shoot I've scheduled for another member, I'm encouraging her to submit some wonderful designs for publication. Then sometime between now and Tuesday morning I have the weekly - grading papers, lesson plans, homework, etc. So I'll block in the middle of the night sometime!


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