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Saturday, September 27, 2008

How did I fare at the Fair?

With the start of school, extra students in tutoring, and working extra evenings; I decided not to try to make things just to enter in the fair. I had to look at all the things I had completed this past year, and how many of them still were in my possession, and from that decided what to enter.
I entered a little handbag that I made from Stitch N Bitch Happy Hooker; no fancy stitches, no emellishments, just a basic bag in half-doubles. It received a second place ribbon.
Then I entered a Patricia Kristofferson doily, Posh Pineapples. If you've done any PK work, you know how complicated her patterns are, lots of texture, post stitches, overlays, etc. This doily won a 4th place ribbon. Lastly I entered a doily called Trish, a tribute to PK; again lots of complicated stitches, textures, post stitches, etc. This doily is meticulous, you could display it with the wrong side showing and it would be admired

(but you'd miss the beautiful sunburst on the front!).

This doily didn't place at all.

I love entering items in the fairs, and I like to encourage others to enter their fairs. But, we've got to keep this ribbon and placement thing in the proper perspective. I can't let the placements or lack of them define who I am as a crocheter or as a person. Some years I come home with firsts and seconds, that doesn't make me the greatest crocheter ever,...that year my items hit just the right spot with whatever judges were there. This year, the judges found something they liked better in someone else's entries. C'est la vie!
Now, I have a huge stack of doilies that are calling "Make me next!" Which one shall it be? What color or colors should I use? Does anyone want a doily or two for their house? I've got at least 3 set aside for Christmas gifts, I need homes for a lot more doilies. Which one should I enter into the PA State Farm Show in January?
Must go pick up hook and thread!


At Friday, October 10, 2008, Blogger Sherri said...

Id love one of your doilies. They are scrumpous! I breakdown ever so often when I get the urge and I make myslef a doily here and there but I perfer yarn:) You do fantastic work!

At Tuesday, October 21, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I vote for #2 as you scroll down the page! I used to do alot of thread crochet,as that is what I was taught with. Edgings on hankies in the 6th grade!
I too live in Pa....sw, latrobe


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