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Friday, October 31, 2008

Hook Acquisition Syndrome hits again

For several months I haven't spent much time looking at eBay, then recently I started checking things again. I have saved searches for "crochet thread", "crochet pattern", "crochet hook" and "Sonshapes hooks", along with my "cookie jars". The last few times I've checked Sonshapes there have been no listings. But Saturday I checked again, still nothing, but I noticed a place to contact seller. Why hadn't I thought of that before?
So I sent an email telling how much I love the hooks, and how much I've missed new listings. Was there hope for new items? The seller responded that she had to go out of the business, the carving, sanding, etc was just too hard on her hands. She did have a few hooks left and was planning to list them on eBay. She offered to sell them to me,...well, I jumped and bought them all. Sent a payment, and only then really thought, "what will hubby say?" The hooks were on their way to me before I got a chance to tell him, I did suggest that he could save them for Christmas or my birthday if necessary. He said "nope, enjoy".
I had to go to the post office to pick them up today, but I have SEVEN new hooks, 2 size I, and a J, then 3 Tunisian size L, and a Tunisian size P. Each of the hooks is a different color. The Tunisian hooks are brown, slate gray, reddish, and green. I took some pictures. Don't know how soon I can get them added here.
But I'm loving the hooks.


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