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Saturday, October 18, 2008


Tuesday I worked more on the orange doily. How come my pattern doesn't have a name? Anyway, this doily is very "compact". I've worked row after row, and don't seem to be increasing the diameter at all. It's going to be a pretty little thing, and will be going to one of the ladies at our Crochet in Public group.
Thursday evening I started another doily,...wait, how many on the hook at the same time?
I received an order of thread from
"RA_Yarnsandmore", 3 balls of mint green, and 3 balls of parakeet, a beautiful blue that reminds me more of a parrot. The colors are so gorgeous, and it's been almost more patience than I have to try and ignore them. Well, for some totally unrelated reason I was browsing the books on my crochet shelf and got distracted by several books of doilies. Next thing you know I'm thinking about what would look good in that parakeet thread. And then I'm drooling again over a doily I had marked with a sticky note some time ago. THEN, yes, I hunted up the perfect yellow thread and started on that doily!
That's right, I'm guilty,...I couldn't help myself. It had spiderwebs, that's my new love, right up there with pineapples.... "Come on woman, show some restraint on the doily making".
Sorry, I can't. But, I guess the question now is "If I couldn't resist that new parakeet thread, how come the doily I had to start is yellow?" And how soon is that parakeet going to take over my mind and fingers and I have to start another doily"
I finished about 2/3 of the doily in 24 hours.


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