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Monday, October 20, 2008

Doily Dilemna

Let me tell you a story about the yellow doily that I started last week. It's called Star Shine and it's in the booklet "Elegant Crocheted Doilies" by C. Strohmeyer.
Before I started I check the amount of thread called for in the pattern, it says "1 ball (282 yards per ball). I checked the ball of thread I was thinking of using "280 meters", then I did a conversion. 280 meters is a little over 306 yards. Ok, I have enough thread. I did a gauge check, smaller than stated with a size 7 hook, so I went to a size 6. The 6 is actually what's called for the in pattern, but I'm so used to using a 7 with #10 thread. Anyway, with the #6 hook, it was still a little smaller than the gauge stated, but I'm close with the yardage, so I don't move up to a #5 to get gauge.
Then, about 2/3rds of the way through I realize I'll probably run out of thread. I look at the picture, and check the remaining rounds and figure that I can change to a different color for the shells in the last couple of rounds. But I decide that I'd much rather have it all one color if that's possible, so I keep going. When it becomes obvious that I'll have to change colors, I frog back about 2 rounds.
Then, I start the shell border in multi-colored pastels. It looks pretty good with the yellow. But then I realize that the final round is all singles and picots, I can do that final round with the small amount of yellow.
Well then, you guessed it, not enough yellow for the final round. How close is it?

So, I start thinking about what color I could use as the final round if I keep the multi-color part. I like the idea of mint green, but doesn't match the green in the multi, blue? I have several shades that don't quite match, pink? Again, I have several shades, but don't want pink with yellow. White? nope, just doesn't go. So I started the final round again, with the multi, not totally happy. I put it down and walked away. I checked my email, browsed a little in Ravelry, made some posts, and went to bed. Before falling asleep, the brain said "what if?"
So here's my possible solution, work the final round with the yellow. Where the pattern calls for 4sc, triple picot, 4 sc; I'll work 3 sc, picot, 3 sc. That should give me enough extra thread for those final - what 12-15? - stitches. We'll see.


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