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Thursday, October 23, 2008

The yellow doily is finished!

Tuesday evening during CIP at Borders I worked the final round of the yellow doily. As I thought, the variation of 3sc, picot, 3sc did give me enough yellow thread for that final round. It looks very nice, also.
This doily needed more blocking than any doily I've ever done. It was all bunched, not cupped, or ruffled, but all scrunched up like knitted lace. I blocked it last night, and had to work hard at it. I pinned the inside rounds, started stretching it flat and pinning the next rounds, and before I could get more pins in, the first pins were pulling out. I finally got it stretched and pinned to a nice round shape. But this morning it looked like the inside and the outside looked great, but the middle areas need a little more work. I think that I'll attempt to re-block and stretch the middle areas so the spiderweb designs are more attractive.


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