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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Men's Elephant Mesh Shirt?

For today's viewing pleasure, ...
Wait, I really need to set this up. I'm researching a question on AllExperts.com about Tunisian crochet. The questioner wants to know about making socks using Tunisian crochet. Now, don't think that I haven't already thought about this. Sock knitting is all the rage, I've made one and 3/4 socks in crochet. It was fun, different, and I might finish this sock and make some more, but I'm not sure that I'm that interested in crocheted socks. Maybe I need to find some softer fingering/sock weight yarn. So I did think about trying socks in Tunisian, closer to the look of knitting, maybe softer, definitely thicker so I'm thinking warmer. But, socks need to made in the round. Easy in knitting, easy in crochet, Tunisian...it can be done, but it's a little bit unwieldy. Maybe it would work with small circular Tunisian hooks, a small hook on each end of a short cable.

Anyway, I'm searching online to see if anyone else has written about Tunisian socks, or offers advice, or hopefully a pattern. I come across this interesting entry:
"Apr 11, 2008 ... I have been reading my vintage sock books and many introduce new ... This whimsical Tunisian crochet model from 1975 features elephants. ...
vintage-knitting.turn-style.com/2008/04/ - 35k " Vintage socks, Tunisian, 1975 (a period of much Tunisian work), and elephants,...this could be fun. So I open this page and....well, what can I say? Please take a deep breath before clicking on the link. "What not to crochet"? What was the designer thinking? How did they talk that man into putting on that garment?

When you're breathing again. Or maybe when you finish laughing, we can talk about techniques. Although listed as Tunisian crochet, this is obviously Filet crochet!


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