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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Field Trip

There were 12 of us today for breakfast, if we count the little one. And I think we need to count the little one, she had a sausage in each hand, and was pleasant for most of the meal and shopping.
After a leisurely, chattering breakfast at Bob Evans, we headed to the nearby LYS, "Yarn-Love" . We all had a great time looking at the beautiful fibers, and petting yarn. I, of course, had people reading labels for me before I did any petting.
I bought a cotton-acrylic blend from Kraemer Yarns, right here in PA. It's called Little Lehigh Pebbles. I'm envisioning a light, casual top. The color is called "It's a Boy", it's light blue with almost microscopic bits of green and fuschia. Will have to sort through patterns for just the right thing. I also bought one skein of Queensland Bebe Cotsoy, a cotton/soy blend to make at least one little cap for the Knit One/Save One. I want to make the "Tulip preemie" hat from Dee's blog.


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