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Saturday, August 30, 2008


Sometimes I start an entry about a newspaper or magazine article, or a website that caught my attention. I don’t have time to write anything about it at the time, I save it as a draft, with the intention of coming back and writing about what it was that was so interesting. I recently looked at the list of items marked “draft”, if I took time to write up an entry for each draft item, I’d have something written more than the once a week I’ve been writing lately.

Here are some of the titles:
“Zen crocheting” and “Add ‘A New Stitch’ to the Pattern of your Life”, both from February 2005.
“Antique Patterns Available” from November 2005
“The Step Child of the Fiber World gets some cred from the cool kids” and “Knit Like a Man” from May of 2006.
“Knitters Dream” from June
“Guideposts Knit for Kids pattern for Crocheted Sweater” July 2006
“Halcyon Yarns Fiber Contest”, “Speaking of Contests, here’s an interesting one”, “Yarn Reviews”, “Crochet Memories Newsletter” and “Knitters vs Crocheters”, all from Sept 2006
“Warm Up America blocks and Learning how to work to gauge”
“Crochet Insider” and “10 Big Myths About Copyright explained”
“Stitches that Heal” January 2007
“review of Crochet! magazine”
“Interview with Brian of Brainsbarn”, “out of town, lap blanket, TLC Amore, contract piece” (Whew!), “Adorable Baby Clothes by Bendy Carter”, and “Busting the Bad Crochet Myth part 2” from April 2007
“Yarn Reviews”
“Gauge swatches”
“Beautiful purses at Vashti’s blog”
“Lace Pottery” November 2007
“Book review – Kids Crochet”, “Talking Crochet Newsletter”, and “Crochet Lace Pottery” from January 2008
“Simplicity Patterns and more, write review”
“New CGOA Position” March 2008
“Crochet as Occupational Therapy”
“video – understanding yarn weights”
“Knitting techniques and technical info”
“New Tunisian resource found” and “Miss Jane Knits” from May 2008
“A knitter’s observations on Crochet”
“Newspaper article about Bendy Carter and Dying to Crochet” and “Adapting a baby sweater to an Adult sweater” from this month

Some of those titles sound like they might have been interesting posts. I should spend some time reviewing the links, and what I’ve already written and see if I can get a few good posts.


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