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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


After a quick trip out to do some errands - return library books, get some groceries for traveling, etc - I finished my personal packing. I also took food, drinks, towels, and tote bags of crochet stuff out to the camper. I have a bag of items and yarn for Thursdays classes - How to Self-Publish your Own Book, and Crochet your Cables from the Center Out. Then I have a tote bag of items, yarn, folder of ideas, stitch patterns, and swatches for Fridays classes - Remake your Favorite Top. The final crochet bag is my regular tote, my "basic" crochet kit. I have more things in my basic kit than most crocheters would even think of owning. This bag got a complete cleaning and re-organizing today.
Just saw from Dee's blog that they're in the hotel already! She also mentioned a few other people there already. Relax and socialize, hope to see you all on Wednesday!


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