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Monday, July 28, 2008

Tuesday - travel day

The next posts will be written from notes taken at the Chain Link Conference. I had no time to write the full posts, and no computer/Internet to get them posted in real time. I did envy all those I saw with their laptops in the lounge areas between classes, and at least one who was taking notes on a screen on the outside of her laptop with a stylus (find out what this system is called). Looking forward to a time when I can write the cost of a laptop off as a business expense! But I'm getting ahead of my story.

We finally got the camper packed, double checked the checklist from the RV Vacations for Dummies book, and got on the road about 9 am. When we're going to split the driving, I like to start off. After several hours as the rider I'm too sleepy to do serious driving. So I got down to serious driving. After 4 hours I commented that I had driven through 4 states in as many hours! Moving very fast? or just small states? Actually it was a combination of that, and going diagonal across the corners of some states. We traveled through PA, NJ, NY, Conn. & Mass. before stopping to fill up the gas tank and our bellies. Then we crossed into New Hampshire.
Our campground was about 14 miles outside of Manchester, just outside of the town of Hooksett. When I mentioned this to Dee on Wednesday, she agreed that it would be a great place to say you're from, as a crocheter.
We set up camp quickly and settled in for the night parked next to a river, on a sandy "beach" campsite. We had to run the air conditioner as it was very humid. Early to bed, because registration is 8 am on Wednesday!


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