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Monday, July 21, 2008

Planning, Paperwork & Preparing for Chain Link Conference

Sunday was the day to work on organizing the paperwork for the conference. I started with a 4" binder and a set of dividers. I already have a 4" 3-ring binder with class notes, hand outs, samples, swatches, etc from classes in 2004-2005, and another for classes in 2006-2007. This is the start of my 2008 binder.
Next I sorted the folder of paperwork that I've been collecting about the conference and put the receipt with a list of classes, meals, and extras that I'd paid for at the front of the binder. That was the basis of the schedule that I created on an Excel spreadsheet. Classes were highlighted in blue, free time for meals and meet-ups were in green, and extras that I might want to go to were in black. I printed two copies of this, one is in the front of the binder, one is hubby's copy. Now he can plan what days he can explore the area and not worry about what time to be back for me. He can plan what days we can go out to a restaurant for dinner, or do some sightseeing.
Next dividers for each class, followed by a printout of the class information: class title, #, instructor, class materials fees, class description, things to bring to class, homework to do before the class, etc. One of the classes needed pattern stitches and swatches, so I got those organized.
That took care of the conference, and classes paperwork. Then I needed to work on the paperwork for living in a camper during the conference.
The final part of the paperwork was a list of all the last minute things I needed to do and things I needed to buy. And, a list of everything that needed to be in the camper.
Final countdown has commenced!


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