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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm home & Thing to Do

I left NC about 10:30 yesterday morning. After taking a scenic, leisurely pace for the first few hours with several stops, I finally settled into a rhythm of driving fast for long periods, then taking a short stop. I arrived home from NC about 9:30 last night. Hubby made dinner for me while I unloaded the car, I made a quick sort through the mail, then settled in to eat and watch the Olympics. I opened my suitcase and took out pjs, toothbrush, hairbrush, etc, but will need to unpack today. I also started reading Bendy Carter's book which had arrived while I was gone. Called Dying to Crochet, it's a "blended genre" book. There's a nice family story, a crochet-along with the character, and I understand that coming up, there's a murder at the crochet convention. It's an interesting read and kept me up way-too-late, as I had a teacher's meeting/luncheon today. Tonight is Crochet In Public at Border's, followed by dinner at Applebee's with some of the group.
Today I should try to catch up on reading my emails, all the digests from CGOA Membership, CGOA Professionals, Crochet Partners, Crochet-a-Long, Doily of the Month,
etc. I'd like to check out what's been happening at Ravely, maybe some chat about Dying to Crochet, also check what's been added on Dee's blog.


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