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Thursday, July 06, 2006


My dictionary defines serendipity as "the gift of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for". It was a big part of our homeschooling, you never knew when something would just happen across your tracks while you were working at something else.
Yesterday I had a tutoring session & then was running errands on the way home. I had to drop a book at the library, and contemplated just using the book drop, but decided to go look at the new books. The library was having part of their annual book sale, it's gotten so big that they have a week for hardcover and paperback books, and another week for magazines, cassette tapes, puzzles, etc. This week was the magazines, so I decided to see if they had any interesting crochet magazines or leaflets, sometimes you can find a nice Leisure Arts booklet. Anyway, I found a Crafting Traditions, several McCalls Needlework and Crafts, and some Vogue Knitting. An optional item for the Lily Chin Designing class is a copy of Vogue knitting between '84 and '91, so I selected the Winter '96-'97 issue. At a quarter each, that's great value, on eBay they were 4 to 10 dollars each. Today I took a few minutes to start browsing my magazines. The Vogue Knitting has an excellent article on "Knitting from a Paper Pattern", specifically a stylish Vogue sewing pattern. The article is very well written, and the technique is definitely adaptable to crocheting.
The first McCalls magazine that I've had a chance to look through, and I've found 2 patterns for childrens' sweaters done in Tunisian crochet! One is a cardigan, the other a pullover, and they are gorgeous. Can I borrow someone's child to make a sweater for? Oh, I have a brand new grand-nephew, I can make a sweater and don't have to rush to get it finished before he can outgrow it!
I should get back to organizing the items I need to take to the conference, and finishing up some homework assignments. I had big plans for crocheting clothing & purses to show off, but probably not going to get many finished. So many patterns, so much yarn & thread, and so little time.


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