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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Mailman delivering Goodies!

The mailman has been very good to me lately, bring new crochet pattern books and a new hook! Perhaps I shouldn't give the mailman all the credit. I've been the one spending so much time on eBay searching for these goodies.

I bought Star book #65 Flower Edgings. This was published by American Thread Company in 1949. Along with edgings and straight insertions, there's a pattern for a Flower Girl, I've been looking at this pattern in various places for months now, contemplating purchasing. There's also a pretty butterfly.

I did have a little difficulty with the format of the pattern, it's basically in paragraph form, and is a little ambiguous. I formed the first flower easily enough, chain, form a ring and work petals into the ring. Then for the next flower, chain, slip stitch into a chain to form a ring, and work into the ring. I thought at first they meant the first ring, but finally figured that it had to be the new ring. Then slip stitch into opposite petal,...ok, opposite of what? I think I finally have it. Here's a small piece I made from the Primrose pattern.

Next, I bought 2 J & P Coats booklets, #329 Pineapple Crochet Designs, published in Scotland, no publishing date; and #456 Pineapple Crochet Designs, second series, published in Scotland in 1971. I'll have to remember that these, like the Lace-Makine book will have European terminology. I've got my eye on a couple of doilies, plus a few motifs that might become something other than a tablecloth or bedspread.
My latest 2 booklets are Crochet Originals #17 by Delena Gilmer. I've never head of this designer before, but fell in love with a doily named Frosty. I saw it on one of the various Yahoo crochet groups that I belong to. There are also several pineapple designs, and some fantastic filet patterns. After the Frost, I think my favorite is the runner with morning glories and butterflies. The second book is #15 Edges by Elizabeth Hiddleson, a big name in doilies and threadwork. I'm currently working on a beautiful pineapple border in bright pink. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, maybe edge a guest towel and give it as a gift. This pattern could use a good English translation, it has an asterisk, like you're starting a repeat pattern, but doesn't have a second asterisk. My favorite, though, is instructions like this: "Row 11 - As 9 to*" so I go to Row 9 and it says "As 7 to *" Now I'm trying to follow all this and look at my hook and thread, too. Row 15 finishes with "continue by picture." I'm not a visual! Please write it in words! I am improving on using pictures and charts.


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