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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Young Male Entrepeneur Knits & Crochets for a living

The Alaska Yarn Council is interested in talented Alaska natives. The Anchorage Daily News has been running regular articles about some of these talented folks. This article from Tuesday's paper gives interesting statistics about the number of knitters and crocheters, increase in needleworkers, etc. The article also focuses on a young man from Anchorage who has started his own knitwear design company.
"article from the Anchorage Daily News"
Be sure to check out the Nanuq of Alaska website (either through the link in the newspaper article, or by clicking on the green title of this entry), many of those hats are definitely crocheted! There are some beautiful fibers used here. Love the glacier blue, but I think my favorite is the Snow hat and scarf set.
It's too bad this article didn't appear sooner, my #1 daughter spent 5 months in Anchorage this past fall and winter. She could have selected some warm crocheted fiber art. She's now in the Denver area for 3 months, who knows where she might be when winter comes again. Well, depending on the contracts, she could be in Anchorage again. If so, I hope she gets a chance to check out some of these products.


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