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Friday, December 11, 2009

Today's Knitting Daily

You might be surprise where your next crochet idea, inspiration or project will come from. I subscribe to the email newsletter Knitting Daily, not because I'm such a knitting fan, but because knitting and crocheting are related fiber arts. I learn so much from the videos, things like finishing on garments and buttonholes (the concepts are the same even if the stitches differ), and information about fabulous yarns, and links to patterns.

Today's Knitting Daily had a link to a video where Norah Gaughan talks about geometric concepts and knitting. She has some fabulous sweaters designed from hexagons and tessellations! The blue-purple sweater has a diagonal bodice with a diagonal ribbed skirt, lovely construction...I almost wish that I could knit a lot better. ah, but wait, it's shape is rather basic...Tunisian?
The link to the video is in the title of this post.

Norah also talks about and shows a little about how to make a stellated dodecahedron tree topper or toy. Okay, you're not math geeks, it's a 12 pointed star that's knitted and stuffed. "Here's" a pattern for the crochet version. This might be a Christmas project. Or a toy for a baby shower. Wouldn't that be a very different gift?

Where will your next crochet inspiration come from? Keep your eyes and mind open to new possibilities.


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