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Monday, November 16, 2009


Don't you just love technology? Scientists are always coming up with new ideas, it's fascinating!
Now, I'm not talking about cell phones, gps and Twitter. I'm talking some fiber-related tech. I bought several skeins of the Bernat Glow in the Dark Yarn. I didn't have any projects planned, but thought I might add some as accents in a piece. Basically, I just wanted to play with it! I have the skeins in a small earthenware mixing bowl sitting on my lamp table. When I finish crocheting or reading in the evening (okay late at night!) I turn out the lights and the yarn glows! It's fun, every single day.

Now, Susan Bates has come up with "glow in the dark knitting needles". Oh, not those ones that were out a year or so ago that required batteries, and therefore had these big heads on them. These have the glow in the dark built right in to the plastic/acrylic component of the needles.
I just did a little more searching, and found the "crochet hooks!"