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Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's that time of year!

No, I don't mean that it's time to sort through your recipe box and find your favorite pumpkin pie or cranberry salad recipe. It's time to sort through your pattern books, printouts, and websites to find your favorite snowflake patterns!

Our CGOA Chapter has decided that they want the November meeting to be "how to make" snowflakes. Along with tips on how to work with thread (for those new to thread), and how to follow the patterns (which are different from long rows in an afghan or sweater), I want to discuss finishing, unusual beginnings and endings of rows, and do a demonstration on blocking.

I have a folder of patterns from last year. I should look through those, and select several that are easy, then post those links on our Chapter site. I have also pulled out all my thread books and leaflets, I have several with snowflakes and other Christmas ornaments. I could post a list of the leaflet names in the group database, also. Next, I'm going to make several examples, and have two of the same showing the difference in the blocked and not blocked. While watching reruns of Lost tonight (it's an obsession!) I pulled out thread and made the first 2009 snowflake! Well, for me. Colorado has plenty of snowflakes very early this year.

After I finish several and have a blocking party, I'll get some pictures posted here.

To get us started - here's a window that I've got open on my computer. I need to find time to review these. It's on Crochetville, and they've had a "snowflake a week CAL" for 2008 and 2009. I wonder how I didn't find this earlier? Anyway, I hope you have time to look at some of the great snowflake patterns, and maybe make a few for decorating your tree, or windows, or a wreath. They make great tie ons to Christmas packages, or a little gift to tuck inside your Christmas, New Years or seasonal cards.


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