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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow, (not crochet) our story continues

Yesterday I shoveled off my car. No, that's not an incorrect preposition. We did not shovel OUT the car, we shoveled OFF the car. We actually took the snow shovels to the car and took 4-6 inches off with each shovelful, until we got down to an inch or two left. Then I was able to open the door and get a pair of gloves, and search unsuccessfully for the scraper/brush that I know was under the front seat. Wonder where it traveled? Daughter #1 took pictures of the car & snow and part of the removal process.

We had to go out and pick up some prescriptions, and decided to get take out from Noodles & Co. rather than take Grandma out to a restaurant or brave the grocery store. We were afraid that it would be too much like Friday night before the snow. The Noodles & Co. was just a store or so away from the drug store, and then there was a Starbucks. One of 2 that we had stopped at Friday evening, only to find them closed. So we returned with hot dinners and Starbucks Peppermint Mochas. A satisfactory meal after shoveling off and out after the blizzard of '09.

MIL & I were sitting at the table chatting after dinner while #1 took a hot bath, and I suddenly heard a "clock ticking" in the hallway. There's no clock there, not one anywhere that I would hear. So what was I hearing? Water dripping! In the hall closet? Unbelievably, that is exactly what was happening. Water was coming from a pipe within the wall on the 2nd floor, running down the wall inside the closet, collecting on the door sill, and then dripping on the hardwood floor. I grabbed a roll of paper towels and took up residence in the closet while yelling upstairs to "quit whatever you're doing". We left the tub full of water, and a bucket under the drip, and spent today with the plumbers.

Plans are now to leave tomorrow. I'm getting Starbucks before I start the trip.


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