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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Interesting things

Interesting Fact: 10 million tons of snow fell on DC in one day (Saturday)

Interesting Detail: Guess where I was at that time.

Interesting Story about Travel Plans: Daughter #1 needs a formal gown for an opera gala opening night in February. She did a lot of shopping on her drive home recently, and we've shopped out the Harrisburg, PA area without much luck. Why is everyone around here carrying only knee length dresses with rouching and bling? We finally spent an evening at a bridal shop with her trying on bridesmaids dresses, a few possibilities. So we planned a fabulous shopping expedition on the way to spend a weekend with her Grandmother (my MIL). We originally planned to leave on Saturday, but our weather forecast said chance of snow. 2 scenarios - a dusting or about 5 inches. So we changed plans and drove on Friday, shopping in York and Baltimore, getting dinner and arriving at destination before the snow started about 11 pm.

I woke up this morning with the snow still falling. I shoveled the front steps and sidewalk, and came in to watch the snow fall for the rest of the day. News reports say about 16 inches where we are staying.

Interesting things to do when snowed in, not in the plans, not at your own house: Luckily I brought along a variety of things to entertain myself. I have a laptop that I've inherited from daughter #2. I discovered that it doesn't have any word processing software, well not discovered, I was rudely reminded that the software is sitting on my computer desk at home. I did try to write a blog entry and a few other things on notepad, then decided it might be easier to write it with old fashioned paper and pencil, and type it later at MIL's computer.
I also brought along the latest issue of Interweave Crochet which arrived in the mail on Thursday. This issue has a focus on Tunisian crochet, articles and patterns, so I'll stay busy with that. Lucky me, I also have an issue of Crochet! magazine because I was thinking of swatching some yarn and a pattern. Today I watched an old Cary Grant movie with MIL, helped cook dinner with daughter, and watched a documentary/musical about Peter, Paul & Mary and folk music.
Tomorrow there might be crochet time after again shoveling the front porch and sidewalk, and then the driveway, and uncovering my car.

I'm thinking that we might be able to drive home on Monday or Tuesday, but we were planning to come back down again Friday night for Christmas. Maybe it doesn't make sense to drive home. But I hadn't finished decorating the tree, baking cookies, ...


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