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Monday, August 03, 2009

Will I ever get it together?

Yes, I've been missing in action again. I've been very busy with different aspects of my crochet life. I've divided my activites into large categories 1) personal crochet - the sweaters and other items I make for myself, the things that I make for gifts, and the patterns that I just have to try (those are usually vintage doilies!) 2) CGOA chapter - items I crochet to show the group, new books to review, writing that I post to the chapter Yahoo group 3) CGOA National - answers to crochet questions, pattern review, reading and writing for the committees in which I'm involved and 4) online crochet groups - I answer crochet questions on AllExperts.com, and I'm an instructor and moderator for Ravelry's Learn Crochet.

In June and July, several members of the CGOA have been very involved in planning activities, games, and other things to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the CGOA. A lot of these will kick off at the Chain Link Conference, which is in Buffalo, NY starting this Wednesday, August 5th! An anniversary logo contest was launched, the winning design has been made into pins, and will be available to members attending the conference. The design will also be on a large cake which will be served at the banquet on Saturday of the conference. You can see the anniversary logo at the "CGOA website" Click on the banner with the balloons and the "Join CGOA in celebrating our 15th anniversary", you'll reach a link for a crochet word search. Each month a new activity will be added. There are also lots of items available through Cafe Press with the new logo. Purchase an item and celebrate the anniversary!


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