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Monday, August 10, 2009

Goals for the Day after returning from the Conference

I arrived home about 8 pm yesterday, and went to bed early. Later I will post some of the writing I did at the conference, and an entry or two about the conference. This morning I thought that I'd write my goals for today, the day after...
1) Do not put on shoes
2) Do not walk anywhere
3) Sit as often as possible
4) While accomplishing goals 1, 2 and 3; enjoy the massage pillow that was a door prize at the market
5) While accomplishing goals 1, 2, 3 & 4; enjoy the doily booklet that I got as a door prize at Professional Development Day
6)While accomplishing goals 1 through 5; enjoy the books and booklets that were my door prize at the banquet
7) Still working on 1 - 6; enjoy a true cup of tea! water boiled, not microwaved; Lipton tea bag; in a mug, not a paper cup with lid and sippy hole.
8) Take short breaks from 5 - 7 and let the brain wander - maybe ideas that started in a class will meet up with other information in the brain and a project will emerge. Do not attempt to actually think out a project, write it down or start working. The brain and body need a rest.
9) Reflect on being thankful that I was able to go, to travel with a good friend, to meet friends that I've made at other conferences, to chat with other crocheters and make new friends.
10) If rested enough by evening, read a little of what others have written about the conference.

Ten goals for the day, it might be hard but I intend to reach all those goals!


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