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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Still more progress?

How's the Ring Around the Posie coming? Well, everyone in the group at Borders agreed with me that it was going to have to be reworked. So today i frogged the one edging I had on the outside of one long outer panel. Then I took out the 2 front center panels, reworked part of the border on one and joined it back together. Then un-worked all of the border on the other center panel, un-joined and un-worked one motif, then rework the 3 rows of the border and joined it back in as a side/underarm panel. Then I took out one of the center back panels, un-worked the border, un-joined and un-worked one motif, then reworked the borders and re-joined with this panel as the other side/underarm panel. So, here it is midnight on Wednesday and I'm at the very same point as I was at midnight on Sunday. Only happier with the project. Tomorrow afternoon I can finished the neckline and bottom border, and add the 2 rows for the little cap sleeves and I'll finally be finished.
Right now I think I'll give my crocheting arm a much deserved break, get a cup of hot tea and pick up the novel I'm reading.


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