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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Progress? Ring ARound the Posie

I spent all day yesterday trying to decide what I should do about this Ring Around the Posie. I'm so close to finishing that part of me just wants to finish it up! And that's what my husband is saying also, finish it, and use your ideas for improvements for the next time you make the top. I could have it finished.

But, I'm so afraid that if I finish it like it is, I won't be happy and I won't wear it. Then I can use my change ideas on the next time I make the top, but I won't have this luscious bamboo fiber. I think that I'll feel that I wasted this wonderful fiber if I leave it like this. But what if I take out the last 3 panels that I joined, and my ideas don't work right, either?

My plan right now is to take it to our "Crochet in Public" tonight, show my fellow crocheters what I'm not happy with, and discuss the changes I have in mind, and see if they agree with me or have some other ideas.

If I take it all apart, or most of it anyway, I still have about a week before the conference. I still need some time to gather some things together for the Remake your Favorite Top class, I think that that's the only class homework I have. But I will need a little time to select some fibers to take along for class swatching. Maybe I can sort out some of my "one ball for swatching" purchases!

Then I still need to make something for the gift exchange. I have several ideas, but if I run out of time I can still select from some items that are "in stock" waiting for a home.


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