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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What's getting accomplished

I haven't posted since Saturday, that makes it look like I might not be accomplishing much, either in crocheting, or in blogging about the crocheting. Unbeknownst to you readers, I have been doing a lot of both, you just haven't seen the results, yet.
Over the weekend and last night I finished up the ripple afghan. I need to sew on a tag with the Shawl Ministry information, and then get it all folded nicely, wrapped in tissue, and popped into the bag, and then drop it off at the church.
I finished the CAL motif, worked in the ends, blocked it, and only need to get some photos.
I've also started several blog posts with some links to interesting reading. I do want to write a little more to go with the links, and haven't found time for that.
Tonight was Crochet in Public, and for some reason this is the first I've really looked at the sign they put up on our table. I'd read the "Reserved for Hooks and Needles", but tonight's the first I really noticed the small print underneath that says "weekly knitting group". What? A group of crocheters started getting together at Borders on the Tuesdays that we didn't meet at Michaels. Then we started meeting there every Tuesday, then a group of knitters started meeting there once a month. We all sat together & had a great time. Then one evening the events coordinator approached the group on a night that only crocheters were there and asked if we'd like to have a reserved space, a mention in the newsletter, and if we were open to new members. We heartily agreed and I chose the name - inclusive of crocheters, knitters, needlepointers, cross-stitchers, etc. Why did they write knitting group?
Well, I crossed off knitting and wrote needlework!
I made three more motifs for my top, but we were chatting and laughing so much it took me a while to remember how to join the motifs on the last round! I had to talk to myself for a while and ignore the rest of the conversations, even though we all heard "...then they stick this swab up your nose and put it in a tube..." I've been informed that if I go to the hospital they'll do it to me, too.
After crocheting for several hours a group of us went to Applebees for dessert and coffee. Although by the time we got there and looked at menu's we decided that we needed food first. 10% of the total was going to a local church's mission in New Orleans, so we did what we could. We had a really great time!


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