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Monday, April 28, 2008

New "How to" website

I read an article in today's New York Times about a new "how to" website called
"Quamut" So I thought that I'd check it out, find out what they have to say about how to crochet. The home page has a series of columns to divide things into categories; red for House and Home, gold for Hobbies & Leisure, green for Money & Business, etc. Under Hobbies & Leisure they have a list of sub-categories - baseball, beading, blackjack, calligraphy, chess, harmonica, horses,... they skipped right over crochet :-( . There is also a scrolling picture above the lists, and when the hobbies and leisure section comes up, the picture is a close up of a set of hands crocheting!
Click and go to the Hobbies and Leisure page and you find another tabbed section of sub-categories - arts & crafts, games, music, outdoors, etc. Then in each of these sub-categories there are lists of links. Under Arts & Crafts they start with another list, beading, calligraphy, embroidery,...this list includes knitting, but not crochet. Under this short list of sub-topics, is the list of links again divided into sub-topics. Finally there is a list of "crochet projects". I'm going to go take a look at several of the projects. BRB.
Wow! I love, love, love the way they've set up the patterns. There is a boatload of information - stitch how to's - written and diagrams, a chart of measurements for different sizes, diagrams with measurements, photos. I looked at the Baby dress, and this will go on my "to do" list for sometime in the future. It's adorable. I was less impress with some others - specifically the "tunic sweater", very disappointing to discover that it's not a tunic, or a sweater, it's a poncho. Very overdone. Possibly it was selected for the new site because a poncho is so much easier to do than a sweater. But they did such a fantastic job of the baby sweater including 5 sizes from newborn up to 9-12 months. Surely they could have made a simple sweater with at least 3 sizes S-L.
Further investigation shows me that under the knitting category they have some useful things for crochet, such as understanding yarn. They have information about different kinds of nature fibers and pros and cons of knitting with them; yarn weights chart, and reading a yarn label. They also tell you how to wind a hank into a ball.
Check out this new site, and see what information you find. I'm adding it to my favorite sites.


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